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Wicked Watches: Dead Silence

Welcome to Wicked Watches! In this segment, your beloved team here at Something Wicked will pick a movie or TV series every week to review. 278 more words


Killer Dolls Part One: Dead Silence Starring Angela Lansbury

I love James Wan. He has the potential to be the Alfred Hitchcock of the horror genre.

“But I thought Alfred Hitchcock made horror movies?” 1,182 more words


Dead Silence - 2007



One of the alltime great killer devil doll movies. Scary, awesome soundtrack and one creeepy ass old lady. A must see in the genre.

James Wan

James Wan (SAW, DEAD SILENCE, INSIDIOUS, THE CONJURING) knows how to turn a very small budget into a very profitable movie. Like all people he has his highs and lows, but here’s the thing about James (and his partner Leigh Wannell), when it comes to telling a story, they are always trying something new. 48 more words



aienkien 合縁奇縁

shared bonds mysterious,
played out in fates mutual,
proclaimed by destiny,
destiny conquered, that is!

400 years and dead silence
under the sun, 243 more words


The Top 15 Horror Movies of the Last Five Years: Number One

The Conjuring is an astounding piece of work, and while its at the top of this list, it should be among the greatest horror films of all time. 1,127 more words