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Fabulous Tips for Your 40s: Ask the Dermatologist

Dermatologist Susan Evans, MD, answers questions about skin care and make-up for your 40s.

I am getting more and more tiny blood-red spots all over; on my forehead, chest, arms, legs … everywhere! 4,075 more words

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Causes Of Acne and New Treatment Approaches

Rather than just addressing the acne bacteria, or even the role of hormones in acne, some dermatologists are now looking at another approach. Find out how all three causes of acne work together to produce the damage that can lead to scarring. 448 more words


Have you ever felt like you should have accomplished more?

Because that’s how I’m feeling on this Sunday night. I still feel uneasy about my grade on that chem exam, but I’m getting over it because one of the things you need to do in order to succeed is well… put the past behind you and keep moving forward. 279 more words


What do I say about DERMALOGICA DAILY MICROFOLIANT…My Can’t Live Without, an Absolute Must Have, Skin Rescuer! I can actually say it’s an all in one product – … 188 more words

Detox Your Body: Bathing for Better Health

Bathing is as essential as anything we do as humans, yet baths frequently get overlooked in any list of healing habits. When prepared for and taken properly, a bath can relieve your toxic load — as well as mental and emotional stress — easily and at very little expense. 1,675 more words

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DIY Tips To Peel Your Foot Dead Skins Using Listerine

Pinterest is our new mother. It has every Do It Yourself (DIY) beauty tips from all over the world.

Setelah hari Lebaran, gw dan keluarga memutuskan untuk berlibur ke Pemandian Air Panas Ciater. 240 more words

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Do's and Don'ts For Exfoliation

Healthy skin doesn’t have to come from an expensive medical process.The Key for soft and glowing skin is to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the dead skin that is hanging around your body and brings new life to your skin banishing clogged pores . 450 more words

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