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Batman Villains

Batman’s villains are some of the most unusual in the world of comics. From the Joker to Bane, Scarecrow  and the Penguin just to name a few,  you won’t find a more sinister group. 472 more words


NEW SUICIDE SQUAD Relaunches In July

‘Teen Titans’ is not the only series getting a relaunch in July, being renamed ‘New Suicide Squad’ by new creative team of Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts. 101 more words


Arrow Review (Suicide Squad) Spoilers

Years prior in Afghanistan, Diggle and Lyla are leading a group of Afghan villagers when one identifies a wanted man, Gholem Qadir, among the group. During an ambush, Diggle saves Qadir’s life. 786 more words


Arrow, Season Two, Episode 16; Suicide Squad Review

Hey Guys,

So it’s that time again, another review of the televised adventures of Oliver Queen within this weeks episode; Suicide Squad.

Firstly, congratulations to the production team for hinting Harley Quinn so slyly to us in the mid-season finale trailer. 987 more words


The Gray Area

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 2.16  of CW’s Arrow, “Suicide Squad” 

Last week’s episode didn’t necessarily have symmetry with all the storylines, but it was very Digglicious. 317 more words


DC Multiverse- Armored Batman

This was the Batman figure I originally wanted from the Multiverse line,at least until the movie version releases.This is basically a repaint of the first ,more subtle grey release,but a damn good one.The utility belt has also changed a bit this time around and the arms sport nicely sculpted gauntlets.Head sculpt is the same and with the exception of the added gauntlets,so is the rest of the sculpt.They even added a super ,cool looking serial number right smack dab in the lower, center part of the capes interior for all to see when Batman is in his battle stance!YAY  :) I can’t tell you how much I hate that sh%&  :( Besides that,the figure is super solid…If you can manage to find one with more discreet  stampings.Enjoy the pickies! 11 more words


Arrow: Suicide Squad!!

Disclaimer: Spoilers abound. 

Where recent episodes of Arrow have often left me breathless and in utter suspense, this entry into the season was more a consolidation of the existing foundations, mixed in with some good character moments. 732 more words