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The God who fits the pieces of the puzzle: In Conversation with Rebecca Thurrowgood

Saul and Rebecca Thurrowgood got married in 2008. They have 3 children, Leia, Zoe and Emily. Saul has worked in science for a long time and had no reason to believe in anything spiritual until a student at his workplace told him about Christianity and offered to buy him a Bible—surprisingly he accepted. 2,057 more words


Kathy Buckley

Hello, my name is Kadan Brady. I’m a junior at the University of Tulsa and I’m minoring in Deaf Education. I’m new to the Deaf Community and I‘m enjoying every minute of it. 374 more words


High-Tech Items Giving Deaf-Blind Online Access

SANDS POINT, N.Y. (AP) – New technology and a federally funded program are helping low-income individuals who can’t see and hear access the Internet.

Through a three-year pilot program called… 177 more words


Films Featuring a Deaf Theme or Deaf Culture

Available streaming on Netflix:

1. The Sound of Fury

A very good documentary following a deaf family torn over the decision of whether to allow their young daughter to receive a cochlear implant. 119 more words


Finding Silence

The value of silence in deaf culture is an interesting concept to explore.  All too often, the majority hearing culture seems to unconsciously assume that such an appreciation for silence may stem from the fact that the deaf know nothing in contrasting sounds to appreciate.  846 more words

Why am I doing this.

I don’t really know why. It’s a thousand reasons but none at the same time.

I am Hearing and I don’t have Deaf or Hard of Hearing family members nor friends. 1,039 more words

Deaf Culture

Being Named...

In the deaf world, to avoid the tedious task of having to finger spell out a person’s name every time you refer to them, a “sign name” is assigned to the individual, which usually depicts a prominent physical characteristic which is often on the person’s face. 527 more words