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No one-size-fits all approach to education for deaf children

A letter I wrote to The Sunday Times in response to the article ‘I was worse than a Tiger Mum’ that appeared on July 13th, was published today. 78 more words


Images for "Separation" project

These are the other images I will be mounting for my project. They are from flow charts that, called mouth morphemes, that are used in speech therapy of classes that teach people how to lip read. 77 more words

How Great is Our God

The overwhelming greatness of God; How He comes through even when we don’t feel Him near, even if we haven’t felt His presence in a long time, He grants faith to trust that He is there, He is listening. 224 more words


“Deaf woman hears for the first time” but is anybody really listening?

 Growing up with a Deaf mother and father meant that I was brought up in two different cultures, neither particularly linked to nationality or ethnicity, but rather the cultures of those who hear and those who cannot. 647 more words

Deaf Culture

CODAS, kinda

My kids are not technically “CODAS” (children of deaf adults) because I am not deaf, but they did grow up with CODAS and they picked up a lot of habits from them.  92 more words



The idea of separation exists in every facet of our lives. We see this in the color spectrum, social classes, cultures, even between ideas. Some people may experience this in a more severe manor. 157 more words

A look backwards

Here is a post from Sam’s (My Hobbit) blog in 2003 I thought you all would find interesting regarding his CI and how he dealt with Division of Blind Services (and this was how he dealt with many, many people especially before he became fluent again in ASL). 606 more words

Deaf Culture