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Resolving A Past Conflict

October 24

Psalm 86:11 NIV 

Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart

You have no control over a primary emotion, developed in the past, when it is triggered. 355 more words


Random Loss

Several times a week I get a startling reminder of Hope’s losses and varied experiences in her early life. It’s always jarring. I marvel at her strength and ability to just talk about things now. 325 more words


The Package

Since June, I’ve been wrestling with the emergence of Hope’s biological extended family finding us. The irony of their emergence is that I had initiated my own search of them a mere six weeks before. 636 more words


I Hope - Part 3

I hope:

  • That the universe takes care of the kids who exploit Hope’s (and kids like Hope) vulnerabilities.
  • That we can continue filling the holes in her life.
  • 357 more words

I Hope - Part 2

I hope:

  • That Hope is able to reconcile all of her different “Black folk” experiences that cut across race and culture into one cohesive racial identity with which she is comfortable.
  • 280 more words

I Hope - Part 1

I hope:

  • That the trauma monsters stop chasing us.
  • That Hope is freed from her fears of the past.
  • That we are freed from depression.
  • 226 more words

I Marvel - Part 4

I marvel:

  • That Hope talks all through the movies, asking me questions as though I know what is going to happen next.
  • At how many movies have adoption sub-themes.
  • 314 more words