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Negative Energy

Can I just say that I cannot wait until school starts? I might do cartwheels to the bus stop. This month has emotionally exhausted me. We need routine, and we need it bad. 833 more words


Why put a boat anchor around your waist?

Up for doing an experiment? Find a boat anchor and tie it to your waist and
then go about living a normal day. What do you envision your experience would be like, 203 more words


Releasing the past

I am now home.
I flew in yesterday (yes April I was on one of those long metal tubes suspended in the air) to my beautiful family after having spent the past 10 days with my son (who is also wonderful). 577 more words


The House of Melancholy

There is a sadness over Casa d’ABM this weekend. The Furry One is essentially near the end of life. His recent decline has been rapid and heartbreaking. 473 more words



At age eleven, I took piano lessons. After about 8-months of taking the class, I told my mom I didn’t like it because I wasn’t learning as fast as the other kids in the class. 747 more words

Wednesdays With INDIGO

Sunday Fun Day

I hope a time comes when Sundays really become fun days for me and Hope. She’s fine, but I think I get a preemptive start on the angst of getting back into the routine of the week day. 1,058 more words

African American Adoption

Mommy Time Out

So, I came unhinged today. Totally hit the wall and had to give myself a time out.

Vacationing with kids, I’m realizing, is a bit stressful. 1,207 more words