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Spring Break???

I’m not exactly who spring break is a break for, but it doesn’t really seem to be a break for me. I know Hope is happy to be out of school but here it is pushing midnight heading into Thursday and I’m exhausted physically and emotionally. 1,059 more words


Everyone Has A Back Story Too

It would seem that I’ve stirred up some stuff about cheating spouses, angry wives, and mistresses bearing the brunt of the blame with my last post. 1,793 more words


Energy Fields and Emotional States - letting go of things that don't serve your soul

Have you ever noticed on bad days how the dog barks and cat pees on everything, electronic devices go wonky and die, and you hit every red light and road closure on your way to work? 901 more words

The Universes We Create

Two steps forward, two steps back

It’s been a while since my last post. I sort of hit a wall and fell back into a mild depression as well as old habits and patterns that made it difficult to motivate myself into doing anything. 838 more words



I finally had a chance to watch this film.  I cried.  It is a haunting, yet beautifully done film on our kids.  It gives context to the push/pull that is very much a part of parenting these beautiful children.

Get into it.


The Dx

Today has been a crappy day.

Family meeting with the social worker that was awful.  Therapy with the Absurdly Gorgeous Therapist (AGT), who I’ve now decided is only Really Handsome—this is a  disappointing, step down.  92 more words


5 Steps to Peace with the Past

5 Steps to Peace with the Past

It was Sunday morning and the altar was littered with luggage, so naturally I wondered what the morning message would bring. 496 more words