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Dealing with Common Toilet Problems

There will be few arguments regarding which #plumbing problem causes the most problems. The clear winner is always toilet problems!

One Thought for the Road

Today is not one of my better days, I suffer from anxiety and I’m not quiet sure how to cure myself. I just started seeing a therapist two weeks ago and missed this week. 271 more words


Accepting a new baseline

Accepting a new baseline is never easy.  What does a new baseline mean you ask?  Well a baseline is your “normal.”  It is where you are at when you are feeling good and at your best.  797 more words


and very suddenly

on a whim

.            eyes blind

I packed my mind

and s a i l e d

outside   myself

for a day

or two,

a plan… 121 more words

Something new and frightening

Sorry its been awhile since I last posted… but after doing my doctor visits to make sure everything is good. I come to find out that I have hyperthyroidism, where my thyroid over produces. 98 more words


How To Conquer A Home Flooding: What To Know About Dealing With Flood Harm

A single of the most tough elements of home ownership is usually dealing with the surprises, or unforeseen issues that almost each and every house proprietor has to encounter at one particular stage or yet another. 14 more words

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How To Conquer A House Flooding: What To Know About Dealing With Flood Damage

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One of the most difficult components of property ownership is typically dealing with the surprises, or unforeseen concerns that nearly every single home owner has to encounter at a single point or one more. 12 more words

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