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Dealing With Anger

How do we really deal with anger? Traditionally we have dealt with anger in one of two ways, being to turn anger inwards or outwards. The former is considered the sick method that you internalise your aggression, absorb resentment like a sponge, that ultimately corrodes your ability to function. 45 more words

dealt feel

something of the system

and how it kept a channel

and how it was the one

and those who are the ones to know

voices and its own weep… 42 more words


december dealt

how it pulls

and where it was

and how it caused

and its own party

and those whom are longing

and its own situation

and where it keeps… 47 more words


I Want a Re-Shuffle...

We all deal with the cards we’re dealt. Somehow, I ended up with all the Jokers.


avoiding truth at all cost

There is so much to say, but, the ears are closed and the eyes covered with scales forbidding light to enter therein. Sad the day, sad the times without leadership in this country. 98 more words

dealt with a diva

why you so envious

and why is everything so overblown

and why it seems

everything has to be a certain

way and  why it seems… 47 more words


Help Bring Richard Turner to the Big Screen! DEALT Movie Campaign Ends Today!

“The world’s best cardmen practice the moves until they do them right. Richard Turner practices the moves until he can’t do them wrong.”

– Bruce T.  47 more words

Liz Belilovskaya