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Illuminati Takedown of America Has Begun

If I were the paranoid sort I may surmise that the United States is now under full-scale assault by the inbred Annunaki Satanist Rothschild-led Illuminati bankers.

Dean Henderson

Henderson: bin laden the 9-11 illusion pt iii secret societies masterminds

Also note that OBL was never wanted by the feebees for 9/11.  He was wanted as a suspect for the embassy attacks in Africa circa 1996.  122 more words


Boston Lockdown, Chechen Blowback & the Cult of Baal

The excessive and well-televised show of force in Boston following the Marathon bombing serves to bolster the US police state and the ongoing shredding of the Bill of Rights. 1,108 more words

Dean Henderson

Booz Allen, Mercosur & the Snowden Snowball

Speaking in Atlanta, former President Jimmy Carter called the Edward Snowden NSA leak “beneficial to the nation”. Der Spiegel reported that Carter – speaking at an Atlantic Bridge meeting – said the US has “no functional democracy at this moment”. 736 more words

Dean Henderson

Back to the Country

(Excerpted from Chapter 15: Back to the Land: The Grateful Unrich…)

A man is rich in accordance to the number of things he can leave alone – 1,894 more words

Dean Henderson

Bin Laden & The 911 Illusion: Part III: Secret Societies & Masterminds

(Excerpted from Chapter 20: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The Secret Handshake

The Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen progeny find Islamic fundamentalism quite compatible with the global monopoly capitalism from which they derive their immense wealth.

Dean Henderson