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Zionists Use ISIS To Attack Syria

It comes as no surprise that the same ISIS crazies currently relieving Syria of its state-owned oil reserves to help crash global crude markets for the Illuminati, are also welcomed in the Rothschild creation known as Israel for medical treatment. 2,194 more words

Dean Henderson

Was Israel Behind Norway Terror Attacks?

The 2011 bloodbath in progressive Norway bore the markings of an Israeli Mossad false flag terror attack.

No Western country has supported the Palestinian cause more than the Norwegians. 936 more words

Dean Henderson

Shut Er’ Down

With the world fixated on the allegations of CIA torture laid out in a Senate Intelligence Panel report released by Democrat panel members, tonight’s midnight deadline for Congress to authorize the funds needed to prevent a government shutdown has received none of the attention of the 2011 version. 835 more words

Dean Henderson

Flippin' Banksters

(Excerpted from Chapter 9: The Power of Compound Interest: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

Every high school in this country should teach a required course on how to save money and, more importantly, regarding the power of compound interest. 1,204 more words

Dean Henderson