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1974. Compatibility Axioms #391-400

 391. Having many sex partners hardens a woman’s emotions, which softens her thinking about the opposite sex. She doesn’t learn enough positive and affirming things about men that are so vital for keeping one as her own. 270 more words

Dear Daughter

1971. Compatibility Axioms #381-390

381. People highly value the unavailable or unattainable. The ultimate result of male pursuing female boils down to one question. What’s her ‘price’ to be sexually available to him? 615 more words

Dear Daughter

1969. Anger and His Significance

At post 1968 Her Highness Cinnamon inquires if female anger undermines a man’s sense of significance. The natural principle first: Yes, if he has conquered her. 471 more words

Dear Daughter

1968. Sex Confirms His Significance

Her Highness Magnolia inspired this post. At 1482 she described an Army man prior to deployment who did not marry the woman he loved; he could not trust her. 605 more words

Dear Daughter

Dear daughter

You may listen to what I’m about to say, you may not… I believe that you are in charge of your life and I want you to feel that way, empowered, independent, and strong.   239 more words

Dear Daughter...

1966. Compatibility Axioms #361-370

361. Men delight in easy conquest. It adds temporary value to her, but devalues her as keeper.
362. Few things expose a man’s character more readily than being repeatedly denied sex by a woman on whom he has set his sights for conquest. 298 more words

Dear Daughter