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It's Friday and Here is My Post

A Friday is almost not really a Friday for me without sitting down to write up a blog post.  And so, before any more time gets away today, I am sitting down to write up a blog post. 496 more words


Calligraphy and math and Seamus' sister and oh yeah other stuff.

I don’t know where to start.  So many things, especially since I didn’t want to post anything yesterday that wasn’t about sudden-death-and-confusion because it seemed disrespectful, or maybe because it seemed like it made me look like a callous person and I want people to like me.  801 more words



Imagine waking up each morning in pain.

Imagine going to bed (crying) each night with the certainty that you’ll have to face the same excruciating battle as soon as you’ll open your eyes the next day. 174 more words

Dear Diary

Kentjan bedua pak Frans.. 😍 – with Frans at Tuan rumah Tebet green

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Dear Diary


Inside everyone of us is
A world, ready to be created.
A fight, ready to be battled.
The solution to both is – WORDS.

© Ada


Dear Diary: Sometimes we just need to talk it out

I’ve always felt that I’ve been a great listener, no matter how serious or not so serious the situation is, as a friend, I always vow to myself that I will always be there for them in their time of need, even if I think what they’re dealing with is not as big of a deal as they make it out to be. 206 more words


The Selfie

There is a song around dedicated to them, Kim Kardashian wants to make a book with them  and Ellen broke down Twitter during Oscar. A phenomenon so wild, that even Obama and his European cronies couldn’t help themselves during Mandela’s memorial. 290 more words

Dear Diary