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Too Much Drama...Too Little Time


Dear Diary,

It seems like it has been months since I have written here but that is just how busy and demanding life can be. 317 more words

Dear Diary

A Run Of Bad Luck

Its a shame, in life when things finally seem to be going your way, then little things begin to creep in to bring you down again, most people would chalk these little things up to, ‘that’s life’ me, I call it a run of bad luck… 709 more words


Makan teruuuuusss.. 😣 – with Edward, Clara, Rony, Star, and Pungky Silviani Inkiriwang at Cafe Madtari

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Dear Diary

Can't believe I'm writing a blog post

It all started with facebook.

Sometimes I wanna speak my mind, but I feel that I’m better writing it than saying out loud. Besides, it’s so hard to find someone that will listen to your thoughts everytime. 30 more words


learned my lesson

I should have paid better attention to the more experienced authors out there, the ones who stayed silent these past few days. Instead, I was like some kind of idiot, telling everyone how hurt I felt over something apparently everyone else knew was fake. 1,298 more words

Dear Diary...

درج مزركش كدرجها الأخضر إلى السماء

تلك المساحة المتزايدة من الفقد تربكني

قائمة الأماني التي تطول عندما تمس رأسي المخدع ،

كيس نقودي الخاوي دائماً

شعور بخيبة أمل يوقظني في صباحاتي المكررة و الرتيبة جداَ

Dear Diary

Akhirnya ketemu lagi sama kaliannnnn setelah cuma bisa ketemu komen komennya doang di sosmed.. Happy to see you girls.. 😍😘 – with Azniar, Noviana Indri Hastuti, and Renny Utami

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Dear Diary