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The Online Presence

Dear Diary,

The goal is for me to continue developing the focus of my blog while building naturally on the posts and pages I’ve already published. 45 more words

Dear Diary

The Me

Dear Diary,

I’m crude, unsophisticated, boisterous, rumbustious, ratchet, caring, funny, a foodie and above all: a homosexual.

I’m really good at Facebook stalking. And I study journalism. 246 more words

Dear Diary

April 23,2014

Hey everyone,

My girlfriend had a lazy day today, well it wasn’t that lazy, but it was still lazy. lol. :P She didn’t have work today, which is great. 289 more words


The Updates You've All Been Waiting For!

  • I will not be working from 8am-10pm tomorrow.
  • I got a 1024 on 2048.
  • I’m still on a tightrope at work.  Now I’m trying to walk backwards on it.
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Dear Diary

Here you go.

I put out a call for kittens or bad jokes.  Do you need a kitten or a bad joke?

Q. What do you call a fake pasta?

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary - Happy Birthday

Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday! A big milestone one, but a good one. Ending a bad, but also wonderful era of my life and so ready to begin my new life with Christ, my daughter, and I pray that I will with my spouse. 488 more words