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4pm Review

4pm is labeled as a “short, narrative driven game“, so it’s easy to draw immediate comparisons to games like Gone Home, 9.03m… 864 more words

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Galactic Cafe have released something quite unique in the form of The Stanley Parable. The Stanley Parable follows the life of, strangely enough, a character called Stanley whose life revolves around working in an office performing tasks in a robotic manner alongside his similarly robotic colleagues. 884 more words

Gone Home

“Gone home” feels like the next step for “Dear Esther” but its beyond that. It feels like a fluid story telling experience made possible through a video game medium. 9 more words


Dear Esther: Never Judge an Island by its Narrator

Dear Esther by The Chinese Room (2012 “remake”)

        Laden with symbols and metaphors, Dear Esther’s tale of a shipwrecked narrator comes with a steep grade of complexity making for quite the cerebral experience. 620 more words

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Overthinking Games: Storytelling (With Dan Pinchbeck)



I met an old drunken man at a bar, He wore an old black and blue t-shirt which was adorned with faded letters that spelt “Team Sega”. 2,141 more words



Having heard all of the talk on the internet about Actual Sunlight on PC and Linux and seeing it on the Steam Summer Flash Sale… 819 more words

Gone Home

SPOILER WARNING: This post assumes you’ve played Gone Home and contains spoilers about the story. Note: Since the pictures are small in text, you can just click on them to see an enlarged version. 1,637 more words