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The Hat Man, by Game Mechanics LLC and available on Steam Early Access now, is based from ‘Tales of walking shadows from across the world’ according to the game’s… 919 more words


Dear Esther, created by The Chinese Room and available now on Steam, was released in 2012 and received much critical acclaim, winning ten major awards in 2012. 869 more words

...But I Know What I Like

If there’s one trend among gaming journalists that’s been bothering me lately, it’s their obsession with video games “growing up”. It’s not that I think that no video game should ever that tackle more mature subject matter in a thought-provoking way, but then, that’s not usually the entire story when it comes to the common narrative with the ideal way for video games to grow as a medium. 1,996 more words

Professor Icepick

4pm Review

4pm is labeled as a “short, narrative driven game“, so it’s easy to draw immediate comparisons to games like Gone Home, 9.03m… 864 more words

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Galactic Cafe have released something quite unique in the form of The Stanley Parable. The Stanley Parable follows the life of, strangely enough, a character called Stanley whose life revolves around working in an office performing tasks in a robotic manner alongside his similarly robotic colleagues. 884 more words

Gone Home

“Gone home” feels like the next step for “Dear Esther” but its beyond that. It feels like a fluid story telling experience made possible through a video game medium. 9 more words


Dear Esther: Never Judge an Island by its Narrator

Dear Esther by The Chinese Room (2012 “remake”)

        Laden with symbols and metaphors, Dear Esther’s tale of a shipwrecked narrator comes with a steep grade of complexity making for quite the cerebral experience. 620 more words

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