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My Mr. Mood

Dear John,

One thing I have a hard time getting used to are your moods and the snaps that go with them. Oh yes, yours are of different types and intensities. 529 more words

Dear John #23

You have until February 12th, 2015 at midnight to come and get the shit you have left here. Now, this is the first and only threat I have ever issued you: if you don’t come and get your shit by the deadline, I will break, rip, cut and tear every single thing and then post it to you (recipient paid). 322 more words

Dear John

Dear John

He’ll came to your life one day. No short notice, no announcement. He’ll let you know that he cares. He’ll make you believe that you deserve 2nd chance, atleast now, after a long long years. 143 more words

Dear John - I Changed My Name

Dear John-

I’m sorry. I filed papers with the court, today, to change my name, to Jenna, Jenna Twine Patrice. It’ll be in Saturday’s paper. Dad’s gonna be pissed, I mean I’m Irish, and I’ve taken a French name, and for no reason other than Patrice is more feminine than Patrick. 176 more words


Dear John: The better letter the man of your world needs to receive

Historically, Dear John letters have been bad news. For the recipient that is. With one opening salutation, women were given the passive power to announce, without any chance of rebuttal from the man, that she was done and it was over. 1,020 more words

Jamie Murdick

Dear John #22

I started to compile a second 10,000+ word post filled with Whatsapp messages to prove that I haven’t been “talking shit” about you to “everyone” 571 more words

Dear John

The Knight and the Babysitter

Dear John,

Guess what? I did some babysitting today. Yeah, even I surprised myself. I actually offered my services, for free.

My co-worker, Lainey, brought to work today her 9-year-oldĀ niece, Josie. 487 more words