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Can you die from a broken heart?

BBC News – Can you die from a broken heart?.


By Stephen Evans

BBC News

13 August 2014

I went to a funeral recently for a couple who died within a week of each other. 501 more words


Savasana--the Death Pose

August 8, 2014

If someone asked me about the defining moment of my training to be a yoga teacher, I would probably say it was those moments spent observing people during the dying process—both at home and in various end-of-life care settings. 536 more words

Life In Ojai

Finally finding some peace ...

Today was what would have been my mother’s 67th birthday. That just still seems so young to me. The worst part is that she has been gone now, 20 years. 431 more words

A Piece Of Me

Dear Jay #3: It's Over Between Us

Relationships are dynamic – when they stop being collaborative they die on the vine.

I’ve tried to think of us as the ultimate long distance relationship, but the thing is this:  I keep growing, and I’m growing past you.   207 more words

Death And Dying

Robin Williams, Suicide, Mental Health & Shame

No coming, no going, no after, no before. I hold you close, I release you to be free; I am in you and you are in me. 466 more words

Mental Health

10 Creepiest Places On Earth (3:16)

10. Aokigahara Forest – Japan.
Japan’s demon forest, site of 500 confirmed suicides in the last 60 years.

9. Lome Bazaar – Togo.
A busy market, specializing in Voodoo supplies. 134 more words


"Comedy is acting out optimism" -Robin Williams

I, along with so many others were shocked and deeply saddened hearing of the death of Robin Williams. He was such a big part of my childhood in films including Jumanji, Aladdin, and Mrs Doubtfire and was influential well into my adulthood. 449 more words