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My daughter turned six months old yesterday. Some people may think I’m overly sentimental by being so excited about a day that isn’t really a birthday but, to me, it’s a big milestone. 1,745 more words


Things Forgotten

I just found a few pages from a journal that I kept in college. I cringed at the thought of reading what I had written at the tender age of nineteen, but it was much better than I had imagined. 982 more words


A Blur

The time surrounding Robert’s death was a blur. One big blur. A swirling of memories and moments that were difficult, strange. The funeral was planned by Robert’s sister and his brother. 419 more words

Domestic Violence

The Law and Loss

After The Devil was arrested, waiting for his hearing at his parents’ home, I got a call from my Father-in-Law. The Devil wanted pictures of our family. 780 more words

Domestic Violence

What to do when you find yourself between a rock and a dark hole.

As of late, I’ve been finding it ever so increasingly hard to pull myself out of the dark abyss of my looming depression. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to stay in bed with the curtains shut, not study or write exams and fail at life (seeing as college is my final attempt,  no re-do’s if I fail… well maybe only 2 for medical students) but the necessity of passing, pulls me out of bed every single morning. 649 more words

Life With Retro

Death Comes Quickly

That summer was the worst summer of my life. The Devil was out of control. Accusing, disappearing for hours on end, returning and demanding to be let into the house. 561 more words

Domestic Violence

On The Couch

My days are all the same. I sit on the couch. I get on the computer, I watch TV. and, about once a week, I write. 1,154 more words

Death And Loss