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Critic Roger Ebert Immortalized in Poignant Film Bio

The biggest surprise about Steve James‘ touching documentary chronicling the legacy and final days of film critic Roger Ebert is Ebert himself. While it’s always been clear that Ebert was mad about the movies, the general public really never knew the extent to which Roger Ebert’s “love story” also included the woman who would become his wife and business partner during the last two decades of his life. 642 more words


30 Days to Life

I circled the parking lot for the third time before finally negotiating my way in to a small crevasse of a parking space left by two cars taking up more than their share of space on either side of me. 548 more words


The bliss of forgetting or Fuhgeddaboudit!

Today I woke up comforted and, at first, had only that good, safe, content feeling. I asked myself where it came from and remembered: Mama, who died 864 days ago (if I trust my math), visited my dreams. 166 more words



This morning walking to Prospect Park, I came across a family that made me want to rage. On their behalf that is.

First I noticed only mother and son walking the wide sidewalk on this beautiful summer morning with no humidity. 311 more words


The Long Count

I don’t know how it is she keeps holding on to life,
the preacher’s wife, mother of seven,
drawn toward heaven one pound at a time, 274 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

My Life ... My Sea

My Life…My Sea

How long…will this continue?
When will I have peace of mind?
My Mind
Statues have better odds and get more attention

I can remember buttoning my own shirt… 410 more words