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Book Review: Hate List

Student Book Review: Hate List, by Jennifer Brown

One awful morning during their junior year Valerie’s boyfriend, Nick, kills six classmates, a teacher, wounding some, and then shooting himself. 102 more words


“Still Life in Landscape” - Sharon Olds

It was night, it had rained, there were pieces of cars and
half-cars strewn, it was still, and bright,
a woman was lying on the highway, on her back, 190 more words


Choices & Challenges

It’s been the kind of week that you never wish for, not for yourself or for anyone else unless your heart has been perverted by some deep pain or some shallow pleasure. 483 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

It all changed in a heartbeat

It started out like most hospital weekends…running a few errands early on and then getting ready for our shift. Every time we work at the hospital Sam has to be bathed. 1,717 more words

Standard Poodles

"2002" & "The End": We Say Goodbye to Mark Strand (1934–2014)


I am not thinking of Death, but Death is thinking of me.
He leans back in his chair, rubs his hands, strokes
His beard and says, “I’m thinking of Strand, I’m thinking… 324 more words


"Præmaturi" & "The Falling Leaves": two poems by Margaret Postgate Cole


When men are old, and their friends die,
They are not so sad,
Because their love is running slow,
And cannot spring from the wound with so sharp a pain; 161 more words


The last few days: What to expect

This article was written by Tasha Beauchamp.  

She said “it is written more for easing the death anxiety of family member/witnesses. I have been told that the analogy of “cleaning a house and closing down rooms one at a time in preparation to move” has made the dying process easier to understand and much less scary in terms of anticipatory anxiety.” 2,407 more words

Aging Parents