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Mistaken Identities

When it comes to mistakes, there are big ones and there are small ones. The small ones, like using salt instead of sugar to make frosting, for example, have minor consequences. 963 more words

Brotherly Love

 My brother, John, rocking an O’Doul’s at the Wolf Lake High gathering, June 2013.

I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Writing about another brother gone. 333 more words

Death In The Family

Batman grieves the loss of Jason. Once an arrogant street kid who had been turned into a trustworthy accomplice of Batman… Now shares the same fate as most of those who Bruce has held dear: … 124 more words


In Memory of Maverick Demidogg

Our longtime friend and pet family member, Maverick, has died. We miss him terribly, so many times a day, from his company on prayer walk mornings to saving a little leftover gravy for him to lick out of his bowl at night.



Stay Uncomfortably Calm

In yoga and in life there comes a time when we are inevitably uncomfortable. For me, whenever this would happen emotionally because of some triggering event, I would drink to make that feeling go away. 552 more words



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I never understood why Nana was so adamant about not coming to America. 3,679 more words


ALERT: Saturday's Keith Urban WSF Concert Cancelled

The Washington State Fair has received notification from Keith Urban’s management that his concert date on Saturday, Sept. 13 will be canceled due to the untimely death of his father-in-law. 128 more words