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A sad loss, and a trip to Michigan.

This week my grandmother died. I am not going to write much about her death other than it’s been very sad and very hard. I do not want to use it at as an excuse to eat crap, but I really haven’t been hungry for anything, so I have been eating what ever is there, which has been a lot of crap. 195 more words

The Kindness of Strangers

HUGE SHOUTOUT to KFI AM 640 News Director Chris Little.

Mr. Little was kind enough to forward “Cover-Up in Baja: The Murder of Robert Lugo” 50 more words

Poem: 'God-Damn Broken Wreck'

For Mum.

God-Damn Broken Wreck

The call came in
from a mate
and I just wanted
to get out of there.

Sat at the bar… 132 more words



Growing up in the 80’s was pretty awesome…not gonna lie. I was never into comics when I was younger but my oldest brother was an avid collector. 812 more words


Shopping Trip

So Walmart is selling caskets. Why would they not?

When I was growing up, the monthly magazine Chain Store Age sat on our coffee table. Chain Store Age had articles about all the latest merchandising cons. 661 more words


When we buried my wife's father yesterday

When we buried my wife’s father “M. L.” yesterday afternoon, my wife, brother and his wife, and two family friends went out to the church cemetery and turned over the hard earth with two spades and a mattock normally used for tending gardens. 487 more words


Week two of NaNo and Writer's Block...

I’ve written about how my “other” self found a way to defeat writer’s block HERE. That post was actually supposed to be here but it went in a totally unexpected direction than I intended so I posted it on the appropriate blog and then came back to my other idea. 258 more words

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