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Suicide Really Pisses Me Off

I stopped posting to my blog– this blog which I started specifically to share resources, information and stories about depression and anxiety. I stopped because my father-in-law put a gun in his mouth and shot himself. 1,071 more words

Clinical Depression

Dealing with Death...

The last weekend was very much-anticipated and the things one would probably think of doing on a 3-day weekend could include: Sleeping in, doing things slowly at one’s pace, chilling out at some café joint/pub… the list goes on. 1,545 more words

About Me

On losing your parents, part 2

I was in the fifth grade and came home from school. The church lady was in my house. What’s the church lady doing in my house? 821 more words

Death In The Family

On losing your parents

My mom and dad had six children. The year my parents died (mom in April and dad in November), we were (approximately) ages 17, 15, 13, 11, 7 and 6. 332 more words

Death In The Family

Recent Realisations and Surfacing Memories

When my mother died I remember my mind kept flashing me an image of a thick hardback book on its last page, the page being turned to the blank pages and then the inside of the back cover. 584 more words

Daily Musing And Reflections

Senryū #12

Call from the hospice–
they regret to inform.
April fools!

Imminence and Aftermath


A month of many celebrations. My husband’s birthday (he’s only 18 days older than I am). My birthday. In between, there’s our wedding anniversary. I can’t forget the birthday of a family friend, who’s 50 years older than we are. 93 more words