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11 months

Today marks 11 months of life without you in it. It doesn’t seem possible that I could survive this long, but somehow I have. I guess this marks the end of counting months and from here forward we will count the years. 150 more words

Goodbye mom..

As we approach the end of the year, through the craziness that is December holidays, Christmas preparations and never ending school events, I find myself thinking about those families that will be facing their first Christmas without their precious child. 181 more words

More than a memory.

I knew Daniels anniversary would be sad. I knew these weeks would be difficult. I have thought about it, and I was prepared. We would be there to support his family and to be of comfort. 666 more words


mothers who grieve.

I have “met” many mothers who have written about the pain since the death of their child.

And they write about the further pain from people who have slowly distanced themselves. 692 more words

Time does not heal all wounds....

I am sorry to say but it is true.  It may lessen, you may feel as if you are in control (haha) but it does not heal.   132 more words



I dreamed about Juliette last night. When she first died I had, if not countless, at least a dozen of these dreams in the first few months. 104 more words


I Choose To Worship

David was a worshipper. David is my favorite worshipper. David and I have been buds for years. I have learned to cry out to a merciful God by using his example. 1,803 more words

Inner Healing