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The Uncomfortable Conversation (long)

Death.  Dying.  Funerals.  It happens to everyone but very few are comfortable talking about it.

(Trigger Warning: Death, Suicide, Cancer, Death of a Child)

I think it becomes more comfortable as you get older, not because you’re getting closer to the inevitable but you’ve had more experience with it.   3,287 more words


Lost but Never Alone

Love combined and created life’s new spark:

This gift so filled our dreams, our hopes, our hearts.

Each passing day love’s light replaced the dark: 84 more words


Roadtrip Conversations and the Power of Empathy

I had a powerful conversation this week with an old and cherished friend I hadn’t seen in far too long.  How is it that the movement of life can carry you along on your journey, seemingly away from those real and pivotal relationships, until one single rogue wave brings you right back in front of each other, and it was like you were never separated?   1,101 more words

Why I Do What I Do

I cannot write large volumes to tell you why I do what I do. There is no great conversation that explains my reason. There are just two words, “I Care.”


I couldn't fix this boo-boo

As a Mom, it is our job to kiss the boo-boos and solve all problems for our children. We are to put on the band-aids, give them a kiss and a popsicle and send them on their way. 566 more words

The shadows beside me


While we (bereaved parents) are readjusting to our perception of what grief is, and who we are as we grieve, and how our relationship with our deceased child will be, grief changes and evolves. 530 more words

Death Of A Child

If only in my dreams

I don’t have to go very far in a day to run into something that triggers sadness or pain, regret or longing. While my daughter was home for a visit we have watched some movies. 612 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child