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Little Things

It’s the little things that really get me. I normally go a certain store to purchase my cigarettes and gas. (Do not leave any anti-smoking comments please). 148 more words

Baixa Grande

I’ve kept a journal on and off for the last 44 years, but I was especially prolific during the ten years we lived in Latin America. 996 more words


Happy birthday, Mr. Jay

32 years ago, we welcomed Jason David Carney into our lives. We were so privileged to have Jason born into our family. We love you and miss you so much, Jason.

Death Of A Child

What Matters?

“Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind. Everything valuable has to enter you through a different opening.”
Woody Allen in “Manhattan”

Friday night I went to the dog park in Brookdale Park, a couple minutes drive from my apartment. 1,093 more words

Death Of A Child

The Great Underdog Story of The Mavericks, Bing Russell and an Alienated, Non-custodial Mother.

GOOD LORD I have made mistakes. I am the one responsible. No one else is. There, I said it.

Now let’s get on with it-I want each and every one of you who has lost a child to know that you CAN rise above, live through it. 1,035 more words

Parental Alienation

Today is not a good day.

Today I have cleaned the house, including the bathrooms,
I have chatted with my children,
and made lunch, done laundry, and cleaned the house some more. 312 more words



G’ville Tech called and asked for Zach. I told her he was deceased. She said: so this isn’t a good number for him. No ma’am he is deceased. 42 more words