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Pet Sematary by Stephen King

A rule of thumb- after your daughter’s newly resurrected cat comes back ‘stunted,’ 99.9% experts would advise you against burying your kid in the same Godforsaken place and in hopes that he will return from the dead as well. 570 more words

The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved

I was blessed to be the mother of someone truly delightful. You know as we get older, and our hurts in life teach us to guard our hearts? 567 more words

Good grief

While reading Patrick O’Malley’s Getting Grief Right (New York Times Opinionator column for January 10, 2015), I thought again about how each of our grief journeys are as different as we are from each other. 414 more words


Difficult Time of Year

babygirl2This time of year has been very difficult since my daughter died, almost three years ago. Three years ago, we were fighting to save her life. 647 more words


Reason's Puppy

     On Haloween, my sisters dog had a litter of puppies. They would be ready just in time for Christmas and Frank had wanted a small dog for Reason to grow up with for a while, so we… 456 more words

Grieving Parent


I am my grandmother’s granddaughter, and I mark changes, always have. I wrote the following piece a few years ago at a writing retreat with my Farther Along sisters, and I share it now because it is just a couple of days until the end of this year, a time to review and reflect about change for many of us. 771 more words


Star light

We bought a new star this year, a Moravian star with punched design. As it hangs from the porch, it sends out fragments of light in all directions. 477 more words