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Birthday Wishes


In my

Radar. A viceroy floats over my head. I

Try to chase it to snap a photo of my kiss from

Heaven. Andy, our youngest was born on October 14, 27 years ago today. 66 more words


A Thing or Two About Reserves.....

Ever notice how there are people who seem to fall apart at the first sign of struggle, let alone tragedy?  They just can’t seem to keep their feet on the ground and flail helplessly when the winds of trouble blow. 658 more words

Death Of Child

Ordinary and Discovery

Carol often uses the “Before and After” exercise to develop a prompt – asking the participants at the writing workshop to give words to describe how things were “before” a loved one’s death and “after” their death. 125 more words


Why Am I Writing About Mourning?

“I love you, son.”  “I know, mom….I love you too.  And don’t worry….I promise I’ll call you if it gets too bad.”

That was the first and only promise to me he ever broke. 522 more words

Death Of Child

Of time, space, traveling and October days

Time and space. This little world of time and space. Beyond this world of time and space.

I’ve been rereading one of the journals I kept after my daughter died, and I wrote over and over again about the limitations of time and space and my hope that my daughter lives beyond time and space as I know them. 809 more words


Calendar Girl

When I was a child, of the 365 days in a year, only two had meaning for me: my birthday on May 9 and Christmas on December 25. 255 more words



We all suffer loss in our lives.

It is an unavoidable, unexplainable, unfair fact.  I am amazed at the strength of the human heart.  I remember days, in the fresh agony of loss, wondering how my heart was still beating, how my muscles still made my body go through the everyday motions of life. 677 more words