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The Reading List for Today

Yesterday I read The Court of Owls trade paperback by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. It was simply amazing. I have been reading Scott Snyder’s Wytches and after reading the first three issues of that I felt it extremely important to pick up anything that Snyder has written and there is no better place to start than with his run on Batman. 324 more words


Batman New 52 Reading Order (Maybe?)

There has been some real difficulty getting a comprehensive reading order or continuity for Batman in the New 52.  I really have focused just on Scott Snyder’s Batman since it has just been so great, but with Batman Eternal going on and the new Bat books that have recently been released it has been a little confusing on what to read when so that you aren’t completely lost by the new books.  509 more words

Reading Order

Crazy in Love

There are a number of iconic romances in the DC Universe – Aquaman and Mera, Batman and Catwoman, the Flash and Iris West – but more iconic than the pairings themselves is the fact that a great many of them are marred by terrible heartbreak. 1,118 more words


Superhero Talk: When do Superheroes Become More Complex?

Hello and welcome to another exciting issue of Superhero Talk!  After rereading some of my older comics I began to find a lack of depth in many of the characters.   723 more words