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"I had never read a book in my life until I came to prison"

The correspondence I have been having with prisoners to whom we have sent copies of I Am Troy Davis continues to astound and amaze me. Below, are excerpts from two letters that I received from Chucky Mamou, on death row in Texas, posted here with his permission. 1,578 more words

Troy Davis

3 yr old Scott McMillan Beaten and Tortured to death by Mom's Boyfriend

West Caln Township, Pa, 3 yr old Scotty McMillan died after enduring days of beating and torture at the hands of his mother’s, Jillian Tait, boyfriend Gary Fellenbuam.   345 more words


Mumia Abu Jamal responds to I AM TROY DAVIS: "May it fuel the anti-death penalty movement"

I knew that my publisher (the amazing Haymarket Books) had sent a copy of I Am Troy Davis to Mumia Abu Jamal.  So when I saw his name and return address on the envelope, I should not have been surprised–yet I was. 414 more words

Troy Davis

"Troy Davis's struggle is also my struggle"

Many of you have been following the responses to I Am Troy Davis made by a group of prisoners serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in Texas. 1,393 more words

Troy Davis

The Life of David Gale (2003)

A man, against capital punishment and death penalty, is being accused of rape and murder, and will be sent to death row. What is his side of the story?



Once the person is on death row, they are destined to die. When making his/her way to the stage for their death scene, it is like looking at a sheep led to slaughter. 17 more words