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A torch in the dark: prisoner responses to "I Am Troy Davis"

Dear friends,

As many of you know, dozens of prisoners have been sent copies of I Am Troy Davis (you can gift a book to a prisoner by clicking… 1,315 more words

Troy Davis


“Based on the ethics of the death penalty, it is not moral and does not serve justice because it is not always the ultimate solution to a heinous crime, such as murder. 36 more words

Happy Birthday Troy

Dear friends,

Today, Troy Davis would have turned 46 years old.  As a way to honor Troy and his life, we are asking people to give the gift of… 146 more words

Troy Davis

Wasting more effort killing killers

Ohio has found it harder and harder to execute its death row inmates, and so the answer has been to make the process secretive. The problem began when the pharmaceutical companies, whose drugs were being used for executions, decided they didn’t like their drugs being administered on death row, so they stopped the supply line. 337 more words

Death Penalty

Why the Jordan Davis murder was not a death-penalty case and update on Jodi Arias

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good morning:

Several readers have asked why the prosecution did not seek the death penalty in the Michael Dunn case.

It is not a death-penalty case. 430 more words

Michael Dunn

Reviews from the Row (#4)

(Of all the amazing feedback and responses I’ve received about I Am Troy Davis, I have been consistently moved–blown away, even–by the responses I’ve received by men and women in prison, many of whom are on death row. 513 more words

Troy Davis

The Fault In Our System (The case of Henry McCollum and Henry Brown)

(This my newsletter article for the AMICUS September Newsletter)

The Fault in Our System

The case of Henry McCollum and Leon Brown is a textbook example of everything that can go wrong in a justice system that allows the death penalty. 445 more words

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