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The Goddess Of Deceit

Oceans bleed in cold waters

Parasites breathe in open mouths

Broken hearts swim on brims of yesterday

Drops of moisture consume the pain

My tears are not wet, but the thoughts are… 37 more words



I feel half today




The threads are coming off

They are pulled

From beneath and above

This transition will see no end… 11 more words


I Am Death

I am mostly unknown

Somewhat baleful

Despised and dreaded

Sometimes attempted

Oh, the humans, they fancy me much

Finding ways to greet me

I am aroused… 60 more words


Death Makes No Sense: Thirty-seven Bits

Crocus in late March,

Canada geese in flooded pastures,

Frisky horses, like land-Orcas,

With their wide, wise eyes,

And mysterious trust in humans,

All that makes sense and speaks… 19 more words


The night is old

Very old

It has witnessed the metamorphosis

The nasty luna

All the wraiths that hide beyond the nebula

Throwing stones

At the ones they know… 65 more words


Leash Me. Unleash Me.

I have bruises all over my knees

And they seem to bleed everyday

I won’t give up, but my body does

It’s sick and tried of craving for you… 98 more words