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A rainbow in her grave

She can let me grieve



living as if death doesn’t matter or as if it matters a lot as if each moment each breath is the only thing we can have we can hold this piece of paper in the gutter this tickle of laughter from an unknown child this brushing of elbows this stroke of your face this beer with its sharp taste this thrum of voices this sparrow this pavement this dirt oh lay me down in it let me die to it let me dissolve into this moment of moments this moment of moments this moment this moment this …


more death poems — Basho and me

Sick on a journey,
my dreams wander
the withered fields

© Basho (tr. Robert Hass)

‘Journey’ as a metaphor for life, would be considered a cliché today, but Basho did a lot of travelling. 305 more words


In another world...


The skies are smiling, the crowd is grimacing,

sun is shining, people hiding,

the skies are dark, life is stark,

rain comes down, life is found. 76 more words



When a butterfly crossed my path,
I wished her be back to life…

Leaves wither when its time;
for it is natural to be so! 20 more words