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Man raped, but admits he enjoyed it!

Police were last night looking for a man only known as Raymond after he brutally raped Ladysman Gill. In the snippet taken from the popular  but dull as shit social media site “Faceache” you can clearly see that a concerned local asks Mr Gill how it felt and he plainly admits it was “better than I imagined”. 284 more words


Death Sentence HC (Titan Comics)

Rating: 5/5 – Ultimate Power with an Ultimate Price Tag.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow.

The conundrum is simple: I can’t afford to buy every comic I see, and even if I could, I’d lack the time to sit and enjoy them. 832 more words

Titan Comics

Around the Tubes

The time is ticking down until the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con!

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – New Transformers Co-Op Arcade Shooter – Very nice. 22 more words

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Political Prisoner Arzhang Davoudi Has Been Sentenced To Death

Branch 1 of Karaj Revolutionary Court has informed Arzhang Davoudi’s attorney that his client has received the death sentence.

According to the court’s ruling sent to Davoudi’s attorney, Vahid Meshkani Farahani, Arzhang Davoudi has been sentenced to death on charges of, “Membership in Mojahedin Khalgh (MEK) group and effective advocacy in advancing MEK’s goals from prison”. 52 more words

Human Rights

Saturday Review: Death Sentence

Imagine there were a disease that would kill its host in six months, guaranteed, but before it did the sick man could get any number of possible superpowers and those powers would continue to increase in intensity until shortly before the end. 558 more words


Man in suicide attempt

News has reached this Daily that earlier this week a well known local hero attempted to commit suicide on popular social media site and “ooo look at how much better my life is than yours” site “Faceache”. 381 more words


Death Sentence Review

My friends over at Titan Books sent me a graphic novel this week called Death Sentence. I had never heard of it and knew nothing about it, but when I opened the book and starting reading, I couldn’t put it down. 578 more words