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Executions, New Death Sentences Continue to Fall

WASHINGTON — Executions and new death sentences dropped to their lowest numbers in decades in 2014, an anti-death penalty group said in a new report. 502 more words


Army sentences 54 soldiers to death for mutiny

Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Kenneth Minimah

The Nigerian Army has sentenced 54 soldiers to death by firing squad for the offences of mutiny and conspiracy to commit mutiny. 557 more words


Bundy's Trials

The First Trial

Bundy went on trial in Utah, on 23 February 1976, for the aggravated kidnapping of DaRonch and, despite a relaxed and confident manner, he was found guilty and sentenced to a one to fifteen jail sentence in Utah State Prison, on 30 June 1976. 500 more words

Serial Killers

''Role playing'' (Victor's Journal Ep. 36)

he women to try and mumble something I couldn’t understand, so my decision was to take off the cloak thing she had on her head. 427 more words


''I had just murdered a bastard'' (Victor's Journal Ep. 35)

remember exactly how it happened. I had already fell asleep right close to the lake when all of a sudden I started to hear some weird noises around me. 580 more words


''I'm moving to Columbia'' (Victor's Journal Ep. 32)

ello mother, how are you? Ever since I was born, I was unhappy with my family. I hated dad and also hated you. Since elementary school, I grew this desire to leave this house and start my own life. 866 more words


''I wrote my mom a letter'' (Victor's Journal Ep. 31)

e actually met up that day and he gave me the three hundred. I thanked him for it and made sure that he knows how much I appreciated his gesture. 776 more words