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Tales of Hoffman: Postmortem Planning for Actor’s Estate

The tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has given us an opportunity to consider his estate planning, with lessons and strategies for the rest of us.

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Reader Response

I got the following reply from a reader over my F@$% Fairness blog post.  I will post a link to my original blog at the bottom.   491 more words

Kennedy's Avoid Their Death Tax

Forbes recently reviewed how the billion dollar Kennedy family actively avoids the death tax by their cunning use of various accounting gimmicks and family trusts. 266 more words


Inherited wealth: does it help the average worker?

Americans tend to think that a person is entitled to the money she earns.

Inherited wealth, however, has long been held in lower esteem by the voting public. 633 more words


Basics of an Estate Plan

Getting the lay of the land

Estate planning is full of technical language and legal details. But once you get past these obstacles, the concepts aren’t difficult. 2,199 more words


Estate Planning

Protect yourself and your family with an estate plan

You’re working hard to build up some financial security with investments, your home and personal property. So it only makes sense to work just as hard to protect yourself in the event something should happen to you. 309 more words