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Encouraging Polling Data...Plus Disturbing Policy Developments from Russia and the United Kingdom

The polling data I shared last month about confused young people was a bit of a downer, so let’s look at three different polls that are a bit more encouraging. 853 more words


Whole of life health and social care insurance or "Death tax"? Worth a debate

Two years’ ago, having supported Andrew Lansley’s reforms, David Cameron lost his bottle in the face of opposition from health professionals , sacked Lansley and installed someone in Jeremy Hunt who would concentrate mainly on not upsetting anyone (anyone recognise that tactic being used again recently?). 499 more words


Tales of Hoffman: Postmortem Planning for Actor’s Estate

The tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has given us an opportunity to consider his estate planning, with lessons and strategies for the rest of us. 783 more words

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Reader Response

I got the following reply from a reader over my F@$% Fairness blog post.  I will post a link to my original blog at the bottom.   491 more words

Kennedy's Avoid Their Death Tax

Forbes recently reviewed how the billion dollar Kennedy family actively avoids the death tax by their cunning use of various accounting gimmicks and family trusts. 266 more words


Inherited wealth: does it help the average worker?

Americans tend to think that a person is entitled to the money she earns.

Inherited wealth, however, has long been held in lower esteem by the voting public. 633 more words