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29 Challenges Agriculture Faces Explained in 29 Days

Day 9:  Death Tax… uh I mean Estate Tax

Happy Thursday! Not to put a downer on the day but today I am going to talk about the Death Tax that small farmers are faced with. 305 more words


Interactive Voices on Tax Policy: Thoughts on The Impact of Death Tax Policy

Many have heard of estate or “death” taxes, but how much do you really understand about this issue, and what are the complexities and externalities associated? 40 more words

Phrasing Poltical Policy

In this past week’s reading, J202 talked about the importance of the correct word choice to convey an idea or to convince the audience.

Frank Luntz is a master wordsmith in the politic sphere. 245 more words


The month in finance.

Here at CDG we like to keep our clients and readers up to date with changes in the world of finance. With the recent Conservative party conference and a general election beginning to loom on the horizon, the Chancellor George Osborne has been kind enough to provide us with a handful of proposed changes to get up to speed with. 442 more words