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Written on April 10, 2014

Today there was a suicide. Today a boy who’s name I had heard only associated with positive things died. Today a boy I had never met felt so alone and so hopeless, he would have rather never seen another day than live the life he had been living for 18 years. 495 more words

Friends who come, and friends who go, and what they do while they are here. Pt.2

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post.  My dear friend, and all around sweetheart and great person was remembered today by an overflowing group of friends and family.  It was Last Sunday that we received official word that last Saturday, her fight with Ovarian Cancer had ended.  She passed away in the company of her husband and relatives. 549 more words



O God of My Exodus,

Great was the joy of Israel’s sons,
when Egypt died upon the shore,
Far greater the joy
When the Redeemer’s foe lay crushed…

220 more words

Why is Easter important?

There’s a lot of things that are important when it comes to fulfilling a plan. Chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips are a travesty worthy of expulsion from my presence. 133 more words


'Legacy pt. II - Parting Ways'

Much like ‘Legacy’, she will never read ‘Legacy pt. II – Parting Ways’, however, much unlike the former poem, it’s because she is wholly unable to do so. 485 more words



I could see flashing lights

just riding the edges of my vision

I heard a siren’s wail

plaintive, unapologetic in its disruption

we do not see any blood… 97 more words

Three Nails

I seek out to recognize Jesus today and what he did on the cross for me and you, not because I have to, but because I choose to, because HE didn’t have to do as done, but HE chose to do all for us knowing we would have the choice then to live our lives all for him. 484 more words