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I landed, perched on a slate of twinkling onyx.
The sun had arisen, washing me with its rays of brilliance.
It is much to my abhorrence, however, 81 more words

Tarot Hero’s Journey: Death

The next step on our journey to awakening is Death. A skeleton rides a white horse through a field filled with bodies. He carries a flag with a white rose. 397 more words


Out beyond right or wrong, there is a field . . .I will meet you there, dear Daughter.

Gosh, that was kind of amazing . . .do you ever get a sense Spirit is reaching you from beyond?

Tonight I wanted to see a movie in the park with some friends. 1,556 more words

The Day Kendall Died

The shooter came in from the side door, and Kendall dutifully moved to what she recognized as her place in front of Alicia. The tiles squeaked against her flats, her toes digging in with every reluctant step. 3,194 more words


Tick Tock

Tick Tock
Fear and regretting words,
Tears roll down my cheek.
There she lay soundless sleep,
Memories, I recall her SPEAK;
Tales of knight and shining armor, 90 more words

In Reverie

I will never forget that night in July
My spirit waned underneath a mold up high
A reaper came near and cloaked me full
My eyelids closed as I fell into the void… 167 more words