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6 months ago - the last conversation

On June 20, six months ago today, my loving, kind, sweet mother passed away.  She was in the hospital at the time and was ready to die.  719 more words

Dear Abby: death is following me like a blaze??

in a tender moment
i was so clumsy and large
everything was breaking around me
and i wanted to be smallsmallsmall
everything was fragile around me… 133 more words

Dad, three years gone from this world

Today is rainy, chilly and dreary, just like three years ago when I received the dreaded phone call that my father had died.

Everything else is so much different. 206 more words


Justifying Small Personality Quirks

They cry as they’re crushed.
Squish, squish. Squiiish
out their blood, their gore.

The floor runs red.
Toes get stained royal.
Heels grind deep nectar. 31 more words


Words from the deathbed

We were in the hospital with my dad for four days before he died and every time he opened his mouth to speak everyone that was in the room would walk up to his bedside to hear every syllable he uttered, it was that important to us. 759 more words

Dear Jesus: Let You Be The Gift We Give to All: Remembering My Friend Jessie

One of the Saddest things about holidays is families who will spend the days without loved ones.

Each year we read about tragedy or we experience the loss or have friends going though it: Families losing someone near or on the holiday and it’s heartbreaking. 1,674 more words