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If he was honest it was a bit lonely on the precipice. Muted waves could be heard surging below, rendered invisible by the low mist. 63 more words

The length of a breath

I was walking to work this morning with my earphones plugged in, when Miley Cyrus came on the radio. The traffic lights were flashing as I was nearing the pedestrian crossing, and I decided to wait for the next one. 378 more words

M: What do you want for your husband?

Oh hell.. geesh.. Yes I did commit to working on this marriage, to keep my family in tact.

Yes, I did start getting excited about the holidays with him because our family has a blast around the holidays. 237 more words


Life is Short

Hearing this cliche doesn’t hit you as hard as hearing that a loved one has passed away.  THEN it REALLY hits you and you start to wish you had said this and done that while your loved one was still around, but were too busy.   428 more words

Family Blog

So, This Is Life?

I see toothless faces desperate not to

smile or laugh, the gray faces of

COPD,  their wheezing breath alongside

tubes of air unseen their

only link to Life. 246 more words

The Dead Are The New Weapons Of War ...

Gaza is splitting the Israeli coalition government, per reports. Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to have accepted the Egyptian brokered cease fire with Hamas over the objections of his cabinet and without consulting them first. 603 more words



Paige Livre was the worst person I know. I knew her well enough and I can boldly say this. Paige was a selfish girl. She always thought about herself and contemplated on whether someone was worth her time.

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Jeyna Grace