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Time With and Without Mother

We have been apart One hundred fifty seven million seven hundred eighty eight thousand seconds.

Each tic of the clock increase the interval of void since you resigned this earth. 261 more words


Beheaded Spirits

I played with her as a lonely child,
With lovely smile and painted eyes.
She was a dancing queen, a happy doll.
Her time came, and gone for good, 23 more words

Three Springs


When there are gatherings in our valley, the women sit with the women and the men sit with the men, and the children tear about evading adult arms that reach out to obstruct their fun. 3,047 more words


"I Never Loved My Mother Until She Was Gone"

My name is Chidimma. I am 19 years old. I grew up in Lagos with my mother and uncle. I was told that my father died when I was very young and since then my Uncle lived with us to take care of me and my mother. 532 more words


Does Peaches Geldof "Ghost Hand" Picture hold clue to sudden death?

The world was saddened by the sudden death of Peaches Geldof; writer and T.V presenter who died by unexplained causes aged, just 25, on April 7th. 512 more words

Paranormal Chronicles

New Chapter of the Old Book

That was just another day, like today.

I was as good as what I am today.

Maybe not so bad- For I am ignorant no longer. 159 more words