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The Path, part 1, The Beginning

Hello. New to the blog world here. I’m trying to figure out where to begin. Maybe from the beginning? 

I think I’ve always seen the wonder the world has to offer. 1,156 more words


Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Tribute to Small Town Life (1927-2014)

It was about two years ago now, that a good friend of mine insisted that I start reading and studying Gabriel Garcia Marquez. “He’s as good as any writer of the past 100 years, maybe ever,” he said. 849 more words


Poem #18: To an Old Friend

It’s amazing how much one person
can mean to others.

Beyond the distance and the air,
the bonds are still there.

When we grieve for them, 49 more words


But it's disintegrating, with all the medicine

Heart pounding, dizziness, and a headache that felt like my skull was about to split in half. Day after day, night after night. I knew there was something terribly wrong with me. 744 more words

A Braveheart kind of Good Friday

At the persistence of some gentlemen, I finally caved and watched Braveheart one afternoon. (Warning: For those of you who haven’t seen Scottish Mel Gibson, this post does contain spoilers…) 324 more words



Mother dying in a mason jar

of white lightning after father

swallowed buckshot and baby brother

fled the country with kilos

spurting conspiracy, and big sister… 132 more words



I lost a former coworker this week.  He wasn’t much older than me – only three years – but a couple of weeks ago I heard that he was in the hospital.  702 more words