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A tale of a Muslim and the Muslim attitude

 This blog is concerned with the interaction of a Muslim with me and the aftermath of that interaction.

 I was walking down the street when an Afghanistani Muslim grabbed my arm and shook my hand. 258 more words


The "Other Anniversary"...

We all have them.

The day the doctor told you there was no heart beat.

The day you took her off life support.

The day you found your baby not breathing. 199 more words


Is Killing Children Merciful?

A lot of Christian churches claim children get a free pass. They refer to this as the age of accountability. Even though nowhere in scripture is this taught. 415 more words


News to me

…. “you won’t find it there.”

Ignore. Scroll some more

Bash keys into new search bars

open more….

and more tabs.

Got to find it. 114 more words

Spilled Ink

The Mystery Man

“Wait!”,She exclaimed,
Where are you going in such haste?
You know you not allowed to play outside the gate,
Your parents will be full of hate toward me the slave, 440 more words


Open Doors

This story is the result of a prompt I did with the writing group I’m a member of. I don’t remember exactly what the prompt was, but it was something like, you walk into a garden. 1,271 more words