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There’s no worse sound in the early hours of the morning than the tell-tale whine of one of those leggy flying bug weirdos. I don’t really know what they are. 177 more words


Our First Night Out

Last week, t’other half and I had our first night out together since the Rainbow had arrived. It was my Christmas present from last year; tickets to West Side Story and dinner beforehand. 424 more words


Death of a Mosquito - Bob Kesh

 I just killed a mosquito.
 He was so big,
 when I hit him
 some of his legs fell off.

 They're laying on the table now.


It was a typical drive home after work that day. She listened to one of her favorite stories on audiobook and thought about the things she needed to do before bed. 400 more words


A Science Fiction Extravaganza

I’m a big science fiction fan. The return of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor this Saturday is one of the most exciting upcoming events in my calendar! 154 more words


Losing a Pet = Losing a Family Member

I woke to the news this morning that a ‘facebook friend’ has lost their beloved family dog. This is always very sad news but seems so much sadder when you realise that their dog was just 7 months of age. 705 more words

Pawsitively Pets

Hi Nan, It's me

‘Hi Nan, it’s me’. Remember everyone used to say that on the phone to you and you would either reply with which me or hello me. 853 more words