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A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

I will always believe that home made gifts are the very best. You know that the person that made it for you took the time to really think about what is special to you and trust me, you can’t go to a store and get the same results. 914 more words

My Projects ♥


My last memory is of us all sitting around the dinner table at my parents house. Laughing & telling stories over a glorious layout courtesy of Famous Dave’s & we got to talking about music & my love 4 it. 444 more words

"I hope you don't go to Hell"

Well that’s very nice I guess? But also slightly rude as you assume my life choices are going to land me in a fiery inferno of eternal damnation where my soul is going to be tortured. 246 more words

Empty chairs at empty tables...

It’s different, being alone in a place after someone has died. I don’t mean it’s haunted, or that there’s a presence here, more that there’s this lingering sense of overwhelming sadness, a choking sort of invisible mist, that settles in your chest when you think no one else is watching. 1,233 more words

Food for Thought

A question I get asked a lot around this time of year is, “Why aren’t you more excited for Thanksgiving?! Everyone loves the holidays!”

The truth is, I wish I was more excited for the holidays. 726 more words


Are Firing Squads Making A Return In Utah?

Last Wednesday, the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee in Utah voted 9-2 to approve legislation that would bring back firing squads for executions. … 75 more words



If when we die our hair still grows, but nothing else does… Are there dead 13 year olds walking around hell with mustaches?