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R.I.P. Jack Bruce, Cream co-founder and bassist, dead at 71

Jack Bruce, the bassist and co-founder of influential rock trio Cream, has died. He was 71.

News of Bruce’s passing was confirmed by his family via his… 348 more words


7714: Part 2

I woke up around three in the afternoon. That was five hours after I was rushed at the hospital. The first 60 seconds I felt like I just woke up like I was asleep and when I regained consciousness I realized I was already in bed with doctors and nurses with my mom surrounding me. 412 more words


Everyday I see your smile in my mind
as clearly as if you were still here—

I can hear the softness of your voice
and the surprising roar of your laugh… 104 more words


Rainbow Stardust Waterfall

The world is titled,

Bold axis bitten like god on the john

trying to decide to sit or stand.

Who cares really about the color of the paper… 100 more words

Spiritually Inspiring Poetry

One More day of Life equals one Less Day of Life

From the minute we were born the clock of life started ticking, just as we have a date of being born we also have a date of death but it never crosses our minds, somehow we have forgotten that our physical bodies are not immortal and we live as though we had an eternity  on this Earth, so we stress too much with things that don’t matter and the only time it hits us that time indeed is running out is when we find out that a relative has a terminal disease or maybe not a relative but even yourself, and at that moment they or you make a choice; do I just give up on living since I am dying anyway or do I make the best out of this and live every minute of it and enjoy the company of friends, family and even go places I always wanted to go and many other things. 297 more words

Give Forward: The Baby Luella Fund

The Baby Luella Family Fund

I am not blogging in the traditional sense this week, but making an announcement about my activities which have to do with a Little Angel that came into our family’s lives this month and will leave shortly. 64 more words

Emily Hill


Belarus, 2014: Death penalty still exists.

Death penalty is arguable in a functional democracy. How can we qualify it in an arguable democracy ?

Think again.