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A Joe Rogan Dream Lesson

I’m not superstitious when it comes to dreams but I do believe we can grasp thoughts that are stirring within our subconscious, many ancients and tribes believed they carried and served as premonitions of future experiences. 516 more words

Episode 20: Asperger's, Bitch...!

Episode 20 is here! Dave and Steve discuss what it takes to be a better person, identity and the perception of identity, and Steve drops a silly theory that Asperger’s should be called “Being a Little Bitch”. 16 more words

Murray Duty #9 - Kill Tony and Geoff

This week Grubbs and I talked about his experience on Kill Tony this week doing standup comedy. Then we talk to our buddy Geoff about girl scout cookies, Grumbbo and ukuleles. 48 more words