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Joe Rogan Experience #514 -Duke Roufus Review

I’m trying to innovate the simplest moves.

- Duke Roufus

  • Duke makes MMA appeal to the lay populations – really boils it down the same way Rogan does…
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Joe Rogan Experience #513 - Joey "Coco" Diaz Review


- Joey Diaz

  • Diaz has an incredible grasp on comedy
  • Rogan and Diaz have good chemistry
  • Just short of perfect

The Verdict: 9.6/10…

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Joe Rogan Experience #512 - Dan Savage Review

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, a man of big appetites.

- Dan Savage

  • Dan’s a smart guy
  • Learned a lot about politics though I don’t normally listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast to learn a whole bunch…
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Joe Rogan Experience #510 - Tony Hinchcliffe Review

All the other vegetables must be so jealous. They don’t get to be on hot dogs.

- Joe Rogan

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044. Do Psychedelics Have a Place in the Future of Medicine? With Brad Burge of MAPS, Army Ranger Tim Amoroso and Michael Phillip.

“There really has been an exponential increase of media interest in what’s happening. I think that’s the result of new research, (and) the result of some major international conferences that are really establishing the field of psychedelic science and medicine.” Brad Burge of MAPS. 303 more words