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Well that wasn’t popular...

I get asked a lot about overcoming inhibitions when it comes to openly sharing our thoughts. I believe there are many paths towards the freedom one needs to publish without fear of criticism. 360 more words


If All the Journalists of Color Quit Because of Racism, There'd Be None Left

I was going to write about black hair today, but there was a much more interesting piece in The New Republic that  deserves my attention. Rebecca Carroll, an accomplished author, journalist, and news producer, says she’s… 719 more words

Jeanne Shaheen's answer on Obama's job approval greeted with laughter [video]

Here’s a quick clip from tonight’s New Hampshire senatorial debate showing Sen. Jeanne Shaheen ducking a simple yes-or-no question: Do you approve of the job President Obama’s been doing? 177 more words

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'Eastwooding' makes a comeback; Sen. Kay Hagan a no-show at debate

No, Sen. Kay Hagan didn’t show up for Tuesday night’s debate in North Carolina, turning the event into a full-blown commercial for her opponent, Thom Tillis. 382 more words

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Charlie Crist says 'woman's right to choose' extends to releasing wife's tax returns

#FLGovDebate Did Crist just say he believes in a woman's right to choose in ref to his wife not disclosing her tax turn?

— Judi Spann (@judispannAPR) …

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Greenberg, Rowland relationship brought up in 5th Congressional District debate

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH)– The candidates in the 5th Congressional District came together for one of their rare debates Tuesday in Waterbury. It’s ironic because one of Waterbury’s most infamous politicians is casting a shadow over the race. 267 more words