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Being a Drama Graduate

On September 8th 2014, I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a 2:1 BA (Hons) Drama degree. I have worked hard over the past three years to achieve this yet, even as a graduate, I am still bombarded with the age old bullshit that it is a ‘Mickey Mouse Subject’ and unbeneficial for the likes of finding employment post-university.  1,441 more words


Religion... What started it???

The Bible says that there is nothing before God. He his the all mighty creator ect… but If he is the Creator. Who created him? Just this simple statement boggles my mind. 44 more words

Debate and Civility - Occupy Hong Kong

Something that doesn’t make headlines due to the lack of drama and level of civility are the many crowds that form in order to just discuss what is happening in relation to the protests. 55 more words


What's Wrong?

 by Chris Jones

What’s wrong with this world? It’s a question we’ve probably all asked ourselves at one time or another. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer…or is there? 413 more words


Political Alliances In Telangana,AP - News Scan Debate - Part1

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by The Library of Congress
The Gathering Political Storm… 9 more words

Amazing First Lady Grace

When the first lady asked ‘Why shouldn’t I be president?’ what she was really saying, loud and proud, was “Turn down for what?” and boy did it set the chattering Zimbosphere alight. 784 more words