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D-Great Debate Pastor Arman G. De Castro Oneness PATRIPASSIANISM ((((Vs)))) Abu-asraf Dipatuan ISLAM.....Topic Si HESUS BA'Y DIYOS NA NAGING TAO ????

D-Great Debate Pastor Arman G. De Castro Oneness PATRIPASSIANISM ((((Vs)))) Abu-asraf Dipatuan ISLAM…..Topic Si HESUS BA’Y DIYOS NA NAGING TAO ???? Arman G. De Castro Affirmative side… Abu-asraf Dipatuan Negative side..Debate Format and Rules: 15,281 more words


Recovering from Paris, the Imperial Debate Competition, and Angela's Birthday

The coach/ferry ride back from Paris was no more comfortable than the ride there. When I got back from Paris, I slept… for a long time. 2,520 more words

How to move from social vulnerability to resilience

A debate hosted by RIO+Centre will discuss the challenges for public policy raised by the 2014 Human Development Report 

Following the recent launch of the 2014 Human Development Report, the World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+Centre) will host the debate, “From Social Vulnerability to Resilience: What the Human Development Report 2014’s Outcomes Point Out.” It will take place on Monday, 25 August at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) in Rio de Janeiro city. 513 more words


Brown: PC Leadership race is worthy of a chapter in Orwell's 1984

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

Remember reading 1984 in high school? Remember when your grade 10 English teacher tried to warn you about the perils of doublethink? 276 more words


…but what about assisted death?

This post follows one I wrote last week on suicide; usually the fatal result of a mental illness such as clinical depression. But this week I’m thinking and writing about a different kind of suicide: the death a rational person chooses because of their incurable poor, and usually declining, physical condition. 355 more words


There's honest disagreement, and then there's dishonest disagreement

Reasonable people can have reasonable disagreements about things. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me about everything, and it’d be a boring world if everyone agreed about everything! 648 more words