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Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts has scored the endorsement of the U.S. Senate’s leading rabble-rouser and blowhard, Ted Cruz.

Congratulations, Pete!


Wednesday night’s debate among the six Republican candidates for governor will be live streamed by the… 178 more words

Nebraska Politics

"God's Not Dead", but That Doesn't Mean He's Alive

Now, before anyone just reads the title and starts raging all over the place, please understand that I am not trying to convert, change or offend anyone. 758 more words


The new face of Racism.

It’s called “white privilege.” Google it, if you want a more apt description add in the word Wisconsin. Supposedly it’s like this, teachers in Wisconsin are asking their white/Caucasian students to wear a band around their wrist to remind them that because they are white, they are automatically more privileged and should feel bad in order to eliminate the sickness of racism. 256 more words


April 22, 2004 - Beef vs. Fish

Everything screwy that could happen to a person’s schedule happened to mine today. I managed to survive, having to stay about 20 minutes after classes ended to finish all of my paperwork. 263 more words

Teaching English

Texas Gov. Perry Challenges New York Gov. Cuomo To Debate

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry is challenging his New York counterpart, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to a debate over economic policy as he ventures onto Cuomo’s turf. 223 more words


The context

so I called Olivia Pope a hoe because she’s having an affair with Fitz and it created an uproar.

Fitz is hoe too. So will we all just take a chill pill. 30 more words