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Renzi forces MPs to work night shifts

The Italian Senate is debating the constitutional reforms endorsed by both Mr Renzi and Mr Berlusconi amid the frantic filibustering of the radical left and the Five Stars Movement, which accuse Mr Renzi of aspiring to become a dictator. 138 more words


Real Estate Broker and Attorney Debates the San Diego Real Estate Market on The Real Estate Debate ESPN 1700

Check out Michael Gaddis in the media on the Real Estate Debate with Mr. Credit on ESPN 1700.
Get the scoop on the San Diego Real Estate Market and more …

The Sheepification of Bakistan: Mina Malik-Hussain

We are reproducing this piece by Mina Malik-Hussain, which appeared in The Nation (Pakistan) as it deals with an important issue which concerns the changes that are taking place within subcontinental Islam. 388 more words

Bad Ideas

Religious respect and sincerity

Dear Catholic Reporter,

Today on Kundu TV we had 60 minutes of sustained Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) attack on the Catholic Church over the Sabbath, including gross misrepresentations, distortion of facts, quotations of obscure people as if they were spokesmen for the Church and all taken out of context. 488 more words


July 17 Debate

One of my colleagues argues the following:

“Considering that most people, especially those who are farmers who are not as able to apply their minds to creating good in the world, do not affect change, then it must be so that when a leader who is meant to rule others wants to go to war that it is likely that he is trying to alleviate the suffering of others. 225 more words


Session 8

“Ads sell a great deal more than products. They sell values, images, and concepts of success and worth.”

This was the first session for Podium in the third term and with the continuous support and good wishes of all of you succeeded in making it most entertaining and engaging. 397 more words

IIM Trichy


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

Podium conducted its 1st National level debating event – Pedestal, as a part of IIM Trichy’s annual Bfest – Arcturus ‘14. 260 more words

IIM Trichy