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We'll Ride Together, Australia

Recently, the horrific Sydney Siege captured attention of Australians within this relatively peaceful nation. An armed man held a small cafe in Sydney captive with 17 unsuspecting victims at his mercy, who also identified himself as a Muslim in a time where Islam is widely feared and judged due to previous encounters with traumatic incidents –namely, the 9/11. 1,135 more words


The Success of Nilppu Samaram: The Victory of Democracy

This is a guest post by ASWATHY SENAN

The Nilppu Samaram (Standing Strike) by the Adivasis demanding their land rights started on 9-7-12 under the leadership of Adivasi Gothra Maha Sabha (AGMS). 768 more words


Just because an argument SEEMS to be true doesn't mean it IS true

Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace gives his take on what he has witnessed among young people from Christian homes when they are exposed to alternative, opposing arguments to the truth of Christianity. 282 more words


Punch & Judy: Is British Politics an Awful Pantomime Act?

Watching Question Time last Thursday made people realise how much of a depressed state we really are.

At 10:35pm on Thursdays, we debate on political issues of the day with relevant people to ask and voice our opinions at, whether or not we agree with them. 476 more words

Nigel Farage

Albert's speech during the debate on the Post Office mediation scheme

Albert spoke in yesterday’s debate on the Post Office mediation scheme where he raised serious concerns about the process. The full video of the debate is available at: 1,252 more words

Albert Owen

Justice for Sub-Postmasters campaign continues

Albert Owen, Member of Parliament for Ynys Môn, has added his voice to the chorus of MPs who have lost faith in the Post Office Working Group that is looking into cases of Sub-Postmasters who have been accused and prosecuted for fraud. 257 more words

Albert Owen

In defence of cursing

Yes, I’ve decided to get belligerent. Only a day in and it’s already begun! Sebastian published this article earlier today, regarding ‘swearing’ and how he didn’t do it. 522 more words