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Gillespie Closes Gap to 10%, Trounces Warner In Debate

A new poll from the New York Times / CBS / YouGov shows Ed Gillespie has closed the gap with Mark Warner to just 10%, 53%-43%. 156 more words

Mark Warner

Interjection by Blair Gaulton

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Blair Gaulton

William Lane Craig and atheist Daniel Dennett discuss cosmology and fine-tuning

This audio records a part of the Greer-Heard debate in 2007, between prominent atheist Daniel Dennett and lame theistic evolutionist Alister McGrath. Craig was one of the respondents, and this was the best part of the event. 535 more words


Human rights activists say Prabowo isn't fit to head the country ... by activists of kidnapping democracy advocates, among other crimes.

Prabowo saying that Jokowi is “cheating” makes prabowo look like he’s the one who’s cheating.

That is what i say about the president election, Jokowi Vs. 207 more words

Major Announcement Forthcoming -- August 2nd

Mr. Mitza and the Mitza Committee shall release a major announcement on August 2nd.



"What is this shit?

As the voice of a generation (and reason in general) I have to say this list is like an Article 9 security interest that is invalid against third parties: unperfected. 148 more words


Day 22 - #50photos50days

Attending a “monk debate” at Sera Monastery just out of Lhasa, in Tibet.

Sera Monastery is famous for its debates on Buddhist teachings and philosophy. Senior monks demand questions of the seated, younger monks and there is dramatic hand slapping and arm waving when it is time for the younger monks to respond. 9 more words