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What Brings More Comfort, Creationism or Theory of Evolution?

Recently I offered a similar version of the titular question on debate.org and quickly found that responses were plenty and interesting. More clearly, the question stipulates if one would choose to live in a universe where either creationism or theory of evolution was the true story of our origins. 342 more words


50(thousand) Shades of Grey: The Debate Model

As much as I enjoy a healthy debate-
Wait no I think that’s the key word there. I enjoy a healthy debate. And I think that’s the property that seems vastly lacking from a lot of ‘debates’ that I’ve ended up in recently. 1,522 more words


The dreaded debate: Atheists vs Christians

As I have come across a multitude of news stories and videos that seem to be targeted more towards Christian’s, I have found a multitude of comments where Atheists have crossed into videos of Christian’s and use them as a platform for their hatred towards God and all that Christian’s believe in. 520 more words


A debating club, with a unique English conversation course, opens in Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia — October 10, 2014 — The education group PRODIREKT today launched the attractive English conversation program dubbed Verbalizuj se! (Verbalize Yourself!). 313 more words


Discover camp 2014

Discover is a camp aimed at young people with the objective to let them explore new perspectives, new interests, meet new people and help them to choose what they want to study in the future. 30 more words


Edinburgh: Across the Border

The Edinburgh Cup is traditionally the first competition of the new year. As it is, quite some way away, it is not usually one of Hull Debating’s most attended tournaments, although we look forward to those. 411 more words

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Debating OG (Original Gangsters of course)

So this post is going to act as a copy of a post I have written on the Swansea University Debating Group because it’s easier to point here than anywhere else. 371 more words