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Of competitive gift-giving and my small wooden box.

The other day, an article from the Daily Mail crossed my path in the Twittersphere. Nothing strange there – Twitter has long been the safe haven of pedagogues and conspiracy theorists alike – but this one brought me up short. 706 more words


Abraham’s Seed?


This passage of scripture deals with who is the father of the unbelieving Jews. The answer concerning who Jesus was talking to can be found in… 351 more words

The Gospel Of John

How To Become Internet Famous, Part 2

Last time we looked at the first two factors you need to take as you begin to chart your path to inevitable fame and popularity on the World Wide Web. 771 more words


How I went from awkward to less awkward

Age gives you maturity, never thought I would agree with a quote written on my grocery bag… but wow I guess I didn’t know my own self. 1,253 more words

JOVED 2014 - Well I Still Have Lots to Work On After All

JOVED 2014 turned out to be a really great competition. I’m not talking about how the lodging was really comfortable and the foods are delicious, well, those are true but the difference in the adjudicator feedback system was what made this competition really great. 567 more words

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