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Right or Wrong: How do you know if the relationship is worth fighting for?

Seems relationships (personal and professional) are based on open and honest communication, and when communication is not properly shared between two people, it could be the death of the relationship. 365 more words

Sharing And Encouraging

Philosophy of Happiness & Well-being

I for so long missed debating, discussing and questioning life. So I took up the ‘Philosophy of Design’ as a separate module this term and absolutely loved it, my tutor Prof. 750 more words

Individual Project

Seeking Guest Posters

I am looking for guest posters. Whether you are, or have been involved in sex work I would love to host a post by you. I am also happy to publish posts by those who wish to see the criminalisation of clients and the abolition of prostitution. 104 more words

Create a Powerful Speech in 2 Minutes (Step 3 of 5)

This week I get to share the third step I use in creating a great speech, even with little to no time for preparation.

The… 951 more words


Premarital Sex

I enjoy reading about people forming relationships. The better the relationship, the stronger it is, the more I enjoy reading about it. Don’t get me wrong I like other parts of stories but I read books because watching people form bonds with one another really makes me happy on a profound and satisfying level. 806 more words


Create a Powerful Speech in 2 Minutes (Step 2 of 5)

Last week I shared a few tips for deciding what to speak about (quickly when necessary) and why that’s the most important part of the preparation process. 783 more words


Battle of the Houses in the Sixth Form Debating Final

Last Friday saw the final of the Sixth Form Inter-House Debating Competition. The motion proposed by Howe (T.J. Sunawar, Tori Foreman and Siana Douglas-Hamilton) was “This house believes that protecting the public from terrorism should come before civil liberties”. 419 more words

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