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Why Free Speech isn't absolute and it's okay to be vulnerable

I don’t really mind if you read this, it’s mainly for my own peace of mind following an interesting week. I don’t think I’ve ever had quite so many people send me hate over the internet – I’ve been called everything from a ‘bell’ and a ‘dickhead’ to ‘moronic’ and a ‘patronising snob’, I’ve had an article in a student newspaper… 2,146 more words


I Propose...: Making Policy is Hard Shit

It’s a rocky return to debating, an activity which I once left because I’m not a confident speaker, and let me tell you, I got pwned by my best friend. 732 more words

Random Thoughts

The Training: Day Three


It is such a pleasure to finally create the blog, and I am glad that we have carried out three exercises with the constant amount of people showing up. 782 more words


Welsh Novices 2014/15

This year Swansea University played host to the annual Welsh Novice competition which aims to offer novice debaters from Welsh Uni’s a chance at debating against others of a similar ability from other Welsh institutions. 373 more words


Day Out With Emily 2.0

This is a recount of yet another day with the lovely Emily.

By now, most of you would’ve realised that Emily is a bit of a re-occurring character in the life of Viv (my life). 475 more words

Days Out With

Ten ways to lose an argument

Another election is over, so let’s consider how awful we are at arguing. We lose arguments all the time. We don’t think we do, but we do, and it’s not because our opponents win them. 1,092 more words

Broad Street Review

Insight of mind

Hi guys! I am Ali Nawaz. I am a twenty-one year grad student out in the cyber world to make friends. I decided to blog so that people have a better insight about me and my interests which are watching movies and reading.My real passion is movies. 719 more words