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We are Radford 3 and We are Legends

Radford 3 is the (oh-so-creative) name of the debating team I am in.

I’m writing this as the post debate euphoria slowly seeps away and reality sets back in. 147 more words

Monthly Rambles

PwC Bath Novice IV 2014

This year Swansea was able to participate in the Bath Novice IV for the first time ever sending 3 teams to the picturesque city and achieving great success. 148 more words


Poem of the Week: It's Just Not Worth It

It’s Just Not Worth It
October 19, 2014

Heaven forbid I
Have an opinion with which
You do not agree.
Heaven forbid I
Chance to think the opposite… 457 more words


Locking God out, letting God in

Pentecost 20
Matthew 22:34-46
Marian Free

In the name of God whose foolishness is wiser than our wisdom. Amen.

When I was young I, like many of my contemporaries, had an autograph book. 1,063 more words


What Brings More Comfort, Creationism or Theory of Evolution?

Recently I offered a similar version of the titular question on debate.org and quickly found that responses were plenty and interesting. More clearly, the question stipulates if one would choose to live in a universe where either creationism or theory of evolution was the true story of our origins. 342 more words


50(thousand) Shades of Grey: The Debate Model

As much as I enjoy a healthy debate-
Wait no I think that’s the key word there. I enjoy a healthy debate. And I think that’s the property that seems vastly lacking from a lot of ‘debates’ that I’ve ended up in recently. 1,522 more words


The dreaded debate: Atheists vs Christians

As I have come across a multitude of news stories and videos that seem to be targeted more towards Christian’s, I have found a multitude of comments where Atheists have crossed into videos of Christian’s and use them as a platform for their hatred towards God and all that Christian’s believe in. 520 more words