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Stand up And Speak

The body doesn’t know the difference between nerves and excitement, panic and doubt, the begging and theĀ end.The body just tells you to get the hell out. 337 more words

Dictionaries and Equivocation

For a debate to be worthwhile, both sides require a clear understanding of what is being discussed. When there is confusion, prospective discussions can descend into deliberating meanings of words, rather than the subject those words sought to describe. 482 more words

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How to or Can you argue with individuals who are NT when you have intellectual disabilities/ ASD?

I am writing this blog to address something that has been on my radar but has not truly bleeped until just recently.

Just recently, I got into a discussion about debating/arguing in a community forum. 1,989 more words

Experiences 101

Relentlessness is the Key

Some days ago, me and other fellow debaters at IPB Debating Community are discussing about how to make members of IDC stays longer. You see, there’s a pattern in IDC where the new members naturally disappear one by one as time goes by. 618 more words

Debating Stuffs


Full credit for this lesson goes to my friend and colleague Hugh. Cheers Hugh!

The Motion
The title of the debate, for example: “This house believes it is better to be intelligent and unhappy rather than stupid and happy… 229 more words


Weekend Chats: Is Debating Helpful?

Hey guys and gals! So this Saturday I’m a bit pinched for time. I’ve got a packed schedule today, so I’m not going to be able to pull any scripture for this one. 175 more words


"Will you please start arguing???"

It’s an odd question to want to ask my 10-year-old, but clearly the best time to change parenting strategies is when you’re more than half way through… 1,362 more words

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