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Brute Point - Hypocrisy

Everyone is a hypocrite, in one instance or another. It is a flaw inherent in emotional outbursts where logic and research comes second, or intentional and sometimes self-delusional attempts at portraying a better, false image. 343 more words


My Brother on Emotionally Sensitive Topics

My brother should have become a lawyer. I have never met anybody who debates as well as he does. He easily spots logical fallacies and argues with great clarity and never gets emotional. 2,086 more words

Attacking Fantasy Football Myths: The PPR System is Better

A PPR scoring system is not better than a standard scoring system. I’m not going to completely address it because this is a pretty good article (though, the first five I read were crap), and there is no point rewriting everything. 1,353 more words


Facts Of Life

Spending (wasting) an hour with your best friend debating Phineas and Ferb (me) over Red Vines (her).
If only other people understood how serious an issue this is.

Random Daily Musings

NUDC at Universitas Batam

Last August 19th, I got the pleasure of joining national level of National Debating Community at Univesitas Batam. This competition is particularly important since it’s technically biggest debating competition in Indonesia and I got a lot of expectation for this competition since I got some good momentum in Kopertis 3 NUDC selection. 772 more words

Debating Stuffs

In Pursuit of Disagreement

In A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin wrote: “Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”

There are many gains to be made through disagreement. 410 more words

National Politics

Coffee in the Corner by Blair Gaulton

Coffee in the Corner
Coffee cups in corner fuming
Sitting in shade
debating relish & carpenters.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Aug 2014

Blair Gaulton