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The Breakfast Club

The first and most important meal of the day: Breakfast | Günün ilk ve en önemli öğünü: Kahvaltı

Once Upon A Time


Debbie Harry, the one we all thought of – and still think of! – as BLONDIE.
An all-time favourite of mine!

She would fit right into the Carnival Universe. 28 more words

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My First Boner: A Pop-Up Book Trailer

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Style Philosophy


I’d never thought of myself as an artist in the traditional sense, meaning putting paintbrush to canvas or anything of the sort. I thought of myself as an artist by way of fiction, partially by way of piano/guitar (although I was never that skilled, even having slaved away at the piano for 10 years). 476 more words


Have you ever thought about where your dungarees came from, or how they’re made?  In her 2006 book Fugitive Denim, Rachel Louise Snyder takes a trip around the world, stopping in unusual locales like Cambodia, Shenzhen, Turkey, and Italy, to better understand the denim industry and to look at a new generation of designers and manufacturers who are trying to correct some controversial labor standards and garment production issues. 587 more words