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Sources for software in Debian

Because obviously the only usable Debian is Debian stable, sometimes it might be problematic to get the newest versions of software. Here are the best sources of functional (and if needed, fresh) programs, listed in order from the one you should use first (lowest number), to the one you should use only if there is absolutely no other way (highest number). 307 more words


All them diverse Linux versions ... simple bluetooth connect a complete war

Yo volks, its me again,

this day i installed Debian 7.6.0, after some (let’s just keep it friendly and call him a ) “friend”… told me he had some very good experiences with it, and that he ditched Buntu for it… 412 more words


Viglen MPC-L Debian server overview

Currently I am running an oldĀ Viglen MPC-L as a low powered web server to display various webcams I have set up for testing.

I am planning on documenting what I can remember about the setup of the server and the webcams as it might prove useful to someone trying to get any of these components working. 223 more words


Adding sound to MATE

When I originally wrote up how to install MATE I did not include the packages you need to enable audio play back (my excuse is that I was aiming to install as little as possible). 268 more words


Enabling an Intel Pro 2200 wireless network card

Since MATE was now available in the Debian repositories I decided to see how well one of my older laptops (an HP 510 with a 1.4 Ghz Celeron CPU and 512MB RAM) would cope. 752 more words


Ashby Open Baffle progress

You may have seen my earlier ramblings on the subject of using PC-based DSP to provide an active crossover with filters for an open baffle speaker system. 704 more words

JLSN - Reconfiguring time zone


I needed to change my timezone. Currently using debian testing 7.6 (amd64).

As root run

root> dpkg-reconfigure tzdata