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iostat - installation and usage


The iostat command is used for monitoring system input/output device loading by observing the time the devices are active in relation to their average transfer rates. 93 more words


All for fun, and fun for all

I used to distro-hop — a lot. Not out of any sense of dissatisfaction, although there were some distros even just five or six years ago that were making… 472 more words


Open letter to the Linux World by Christopher Barry

This posting sent to the Linux Kernel mailing list by Christopher Barry is a MUST READ for anyone concerned about the future of Linux or their own favorite distribution and supporting software.  171 more words


Konfigurasi SAMBA (part 2)


  • Pengertian Samba

    Samba adalah program yang berdifat open source yang menyediakan layanan berbagi berkas (file service) dan berbagi alat pencetak (print service).


  • Sejarah Samba…

  • 864 more words

Instalar driver Ralink rt3290 en Debian 7 (o derivados)

Para este primer post resumiré los pasos a seguir para la instalación del driver de las tarjetas de red inalámbricas Ralink rt3290 en Debian 7. 210 more words


Ugly fonts on Debian (or any Linux)

To achieve good looking fonts in Linux you have to mess with all kind of tweaks, like hinting, antialiasing or RGB rendering. User friendly distros like Ubuntu come with those settings preset, but what if you decided to take the harder path and configure your Debian or Arch by yourself? 270 more words


Laggy menu in XFCE

If you use XFCE on Debian or Xubuntu you probably encountered the problem with the application menu – it takes a second or two before icons load. 198 more words