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Forget Macondo

Avete presente Forget Paris, quella commedia americana di vent’anni fa con Billy Christal e Debra Winger? Negli ultimi tempi mi torna in mente molto spesso, perché c’è un punto del film in cui m’immedesimo TANTISSIMO nella protagonista.

La Grande Città E Lu Paese

2014 Provincetown International Film Festival: Urban Cowboy

Bridges cast Debra Winger in this modern love story over studio objections and ended up launching her career. She plays a Texas country girl, Sissy, who arrives in Houston during the oil-boom days, meets and falls for Bud (John Travolta), and learns to ride the mechanical bull at Gilley’s. 23 more words


2014 Provincetown International Film Festival: Mike’s Murder

A tragically underappreciated film about how Los Angeles-the mecca for hopeful lost souls-throws away its losers like garbage. Debra Winger delivers a touching performance for her mentor, Bridges, playing a bank teller who falls for a hustler named Mike and tries to understand why he was so callously murdered. 12 more words


Silly woman, you can't ride a mechanical bull!

     When the movie Urban Cowboy came out, I remember the local movie theater set up a mechanical bull in an adjacent, vacant lot.  It was good publicity!  2,002 more words


New England Charm

While SAFE WORD plays at two festivals in California this weekend, it will receive three screenings at the Provincetown International Film Festival, which is celebrated for a mix of LGBT films as well as mainstream art house fare. 64 more words


Musical Moments - An Officer and a Gentleman

Yes I have only gone for another Richard Gere one, but you cannot fault this one either. The 80s really did have some fantastic endings to films with the music thrown in!

Richard Gere