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What Are the Experts Saying?

What are the experts saying about debt?

Dave Ramsey, Suzie Orman and Worth Unlimited actually have the same goal – and, that is to get you out of debt. 416 more words


3 Things to do in Financial Emergency

Sometimes in life, we face financial emergencies, and literally speaking, dealing with that is certainly not easy.

Well, if you are one those in that kind of situation, looking for ways to deal with it, then follow the reading to learn things to do in financial emergency. 181 more words

Collection Agency

My Top 16 Requirements for a frugal Urban Existence

OK – this is my first proper ‘listicle’ as they say on Buzzfeed!

Today I was over on the old-style money-saving forum at MoneySavingExpert which I love to do when I’m not on… 857 more words


Your Rights if You are Denied Credit

Did you know that if you are denied a credit card that the lender is required to advise you by mail of the reason you are denied? 201 more words


Every Dollar Has A Name – Every Dollar Has A Job

Four Rules of Zero Base Budgeting

I love making my monthly budget!

But I get it, most people hate budgeting and I used to too. That is until I discovered the technique known as Zero Base Budgeting. 481 more words


Muddling through July

We made it through June!!!!! Whoop! But what does July have in store?  Well – it’s all about saving, saving, saving.


£86 million underspend on legal aid for housing; £20 million overspend on administration!

Earlier this week I posted something about the slow death of legal aid. Since then it has come to light that the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is under-spending on its budget for legal aid, thereby limiting the help people can get who are facing eviction. 511 more words