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Mortgage Durations and Monthly Payments

Buying a home is a major event in our lives, and the excitement can easily overshadow the long-term financial commitment we’re about to make. We tend to view a mortgage much like a car loan and focus on the monthly payment, while overlooking the cost of the loan or total amount of interest that will be paid over the life of the mortgage. 681 more words

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Protecting Your Credit Score: A Free Legal Workshop 10/23/14

As you have probably already realized, the numbers and information contained in your credit report and credit score affect a lot of financial decisions made in your life, both by you and others (including lenders, employers, landlords, etc). 300 more words

Credit Counseling

When Debt Markets Don’t Really Act as Markets

Is the debt market really a “market”? Several recent events, each largely independent from the others, should cause us to ask this basic question.

Start with leveraged loans. 372 more words


Spending Freeze

Due to my guilty conscience after spending money, I have decided to go on a spending freeze.

The website AndThenWeSaved outlines it here even though it is called a spending fast. 219 more words


Tuition gives me nightmares

I have always been someone who is cautious of spending and managing personal finances. I mentioned this is in a previous post, where with most purchases I make, I contemplate in my head its purpose and weigh the need versus the want. 717 more words


How not to be a lawyer

Bob Collins Oct 2, 2014

“I assumed the more education, the higher salary,” Lisa S. — we don’t know her real name — tells Forbes.com. “I was aware that with a master’s degree, in certain jobs you can get a higher pay grade, and that you’d be eligible for more jobs, even with just teaching.” 451 more words

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Budgeting Is a Way Out

Imagine that you are in the middle of a forest. You look up and all you see are limbs and leaves. There is just enough light filtering through to prove the sun is in the sky. 409 more words