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 How to stop debt collections and loose the debt

I continue to rant about the underground, almost illegal debt collection business.  Between the news coverage exposing just how bad it is and the Federal Trade Commission making a show of shutting these operations down it just doesn’t stop.  197 more words

Debt Collection

Best Business Practices, Part IV

Skip Trace Waterfall Procedure

So far in our series on best business practices, we’ve discussed disaster recovery and vendor management plans, both of which are applicable to a variety of business models. 346 more words

Debt Collection

Collection Agencies - A Truly Sleazy Business

Collection Agencies – a legal underworld

It is truly amazing what these so called “junk debt dealers” are getting away with.  In any other world, it would be considered a crime. 91 more words

Debt Collection

When a debt collector calls you, there’s a good chance that he or she might be an ex-convict calling you from a strip mall in Buffalo, New York. 38 more words

How to remove debt collections

The law has added a new wrinkle to removing debt collections!

Junk debt buyers, most often known as collection companies, deserve the bad rap they have earned. 226 more words

Credit Repair

Physicians Debt Collectors?

The cost for replacing various body parts during surgery is far lower than what is being charged to the patient. In order to collect, have physicians/surgeons resorted to becoming high ended debt collectors? 192 more words

dont open other people's post


this is a timely reminder not to open other people’s letters. this article appeared in the daily telegraph today. the heading intrigued me because why was she hounded by a debt collector for someone else’s debt? 355 more words