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It's Never Too Late (Part 2)

Distraught… confused… scared… stressed and worried are just a few of the adjectives that can best describe the emotions I felt about being let go from new “career.” My first initial thought was “Now how in the hell do they expect me to pay my bills with no damn income?” I mean, I know I believe that in this lifetime I will get to experience a unicorn sighting (don’t judge me), but I doubt that I will ever get a chance to grow a money tree in my backyard, some things just aren’t realistic…. 1,123 more words


Drowning In Debt, Younger Workers Feeling Disillusioned With American Dream

DETROIT (WWJ) – “Was the American Dream…just a dream?” That’s one of the weighty questions tackled at the “Techonomy” Conference in Detroit Tuesday.

Liz Shuler, secretary treasurer of the AFL CIO, was on the panel and says many workers — especially young workers are disillusioned. 143 more words



You can push a person too far, and right now I’m at the end of a very long, frayed rope….

Yesterday, after months of saint like patience and extraordinary self control, I finally snapped tore one the Perkies a new arsehole (in the manner of Rorschach after a particularly trying day) when, on receipt of my desperate plea for timings and information re my schema therapy treatment, she let it slip that the start date had been moved AGAIN, (4 times to date) and my formal written diagnosis of my condition would not be sent out until everyone involved had completed… 758 more words


You will be shown the answer

A friend once told me “you will not have to go snooping for a answer, God will reveal it to you.”

I was reading my Pearson Cambell’s 8th edition Biology book and the chapter was on carbon molecules, specifically Isomers. 376 more words



A baby girl is a wonderful gift to most of us, but not in many Asian families. It is heart breaking to think of a child being unwanted just because she is a girl. 899 more words

New Harbor: Hedging 101


from ChrisMartensondotcom:

This week’s podcast build on our recent report on hedging, drilling deeper into how the technique can be used to offer protection against falling asset prices. 187 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Who Has the Better Fiscal Policy Message?

MMT Blog: Proof The Dems Have Lost The Economic Message War And MMT Is The Only Viable Solution

By     Auburn Parks

Buried deep inside the most recent major Pew Research poll that showed we were winning the political shutdown messaging fight, there was a sinister reminder just how lost the cause of progressive economic policies has become.   1,044 more words