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Junk Bond Bubble?

From Bloomberg.

For the first time, more than half of the junk-rated loans arranged in the U.S. this year lack typical lender protections like limits on the amount of debt borrowers can amass relative to earnings.

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China’s terrifying debt ratios poised to breeze past US levels


By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The Daily Telegraph

The China-US sorpasso is looming. I do not mean the much-exaggerated moment when China’s GDP will overtake America’s GDP – which may not happen in the lifetime of anybody reading this blog post – as China slows to more pedestrian growth rates (an objective of premier Li Keqiang.) 443 more words

Lady of the Keep Recommends Being a Cheerful Giver

I already know that I am going to go over my charitable giving budget this month.  My employer is running a school supply drive and I just got too excited to go back-to-school shopping for some sweet little girl.   664 more words

What are your rights with bailiffs?

If you are in debt and bailiffs get involved, it can be a daunting situation to find yourself in. Although most are pleasant, some can be unnecessarily nasty and intimidating. 559 more words


Mass immigration is exclusively fucking over the poor


Although the report finds that increased immigration has been good for bosses, with a wide variety of skilled labour coming in, the effects are felt differently in different parts of society.

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This Summer Had Such Potential To Be Fun-Interesting

I thought we might have something really cool on our hands with the Daquan Meme.

But now….things are looking extremely meh.

My life, personally, continues to careen out of control. 287 more words