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Two Down

Well,  I’ve started the process of actively searching for a new job.

Where I’m at is definitely not where I want to be, and the only person who can change that is me. 570 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

Civil Court Judgments –How To Enforce Them

So you’ve gone through the process for getting a judgement in your favour in the courts, now what? The judgment is not enforced automatically so what can you do to get the judgement enforced? 629 more words

Commercial Law

CBO issues dire debt warning...

The Congressional Budget Office  is warning,  yet again, that His Oneness and the Democrats are spending us into fiscal oblivion.   Are the American people listening?   11 more words

Dreaded Debt

Last year when McD and I took a break I had a period of about 9 weeks where I had very little money coming in and had to basically live off what was in my bank account. 614 more words


How Canada's Debt Burden Compares

Household Debt
Canada hit a record high in the first quarter of 2011, reaching $1.5 trillion in household debt. If spread evenly across Canada, that means every family with two children has $176,461 in debt. 294 more words


Where Are Canada's Most Desperately Indebted People?

Take a look at the percentage of Canadians who say they’ll never be debt-free, by region.

Source: CIBC Poll: Debt Free? 14 per cent of Canadians with debt say it will never happen