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Bankruptcy explained

Note: If you need more information, please contact a Trustee in Bankruptcy. The purpose of this article is only to give a general overview of bankruptcy in Canada. 506 more words


Deal With The Devil

Student loans.

This is the deal with the devil that so many of us “less than fortunate” people have to make. As a college graduate, I have recently started getting harassed by my undergraduate loan lenders. 353 more words

Believe Your Debt Is More Than Paid!

This is a great teaching. This teaching is contrary to how some churches teach because they want to always remind you of your sin as oppose to God’s Grace and Mercy. 796 more words

What My Debt Is Teaching Me

When I think of debt, I think of paying it off, avoiding it, or being debt-free. I never consider what my debt can teach me. As our No Spend year has continued, my financial state is always in the forefront of my mind and my goals. 713 more words

No Spend Challenge

3 Things to do in Financial Emergency

Sometimes in life, we face financial emergencies, and literally speaking, dealing with that is certainly not easy.

Well, if you are one those in that kind of situation, looking for ways to deal with it, then follow the reading to learn things to do in financial emergency. 181 more words

Collection Agency

Budget Binder

As always, if this is your first time here, please check out About Us and then The Dirty Dirty details before you read my posts! It will make this process so much less confusing!! 719 more words


#89. Don't...

…follow the example of the man in this headline:  “Strip club sues man for $135k unpaid bill.”  On many varying moral, spiritual and ethical levels, don’t follow his example.