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When is Debt Collection Illegal?

If you do not pay your bills, you’ll probably get calls from debt collectors.  Their job is to force you to pay or make arrangement s to pay.  201 more words

Chapter 5

The Debts of Les Miserables

Okay, this morning I had a thought hit me that I shared on Facebook. Now, for the explanation.

All of the characters fall into one of two categories: debt collector or debt payer. 1,010 more words

Book Reviews

The debt remains

These gluttons are heartless.
Many have landed into their clutches.
Once caught in their nets, escape is impossible.
Payment continues, the debt never settled.

They prey on those who are desperate. 83 more words


Bankster greed fueled Ferguson violence

Finally someone connects two critical dots, the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and the crimes of American banksters and bubble collapse foreclosures.

Pay close attention to this conversation from RT’s The Keiser Report featuring Max Keiser and award-winning investigative journalist Matt Taibbi and you’ll see the extremely close correlations between banking deregulating and oppressive policing on the streets of America’s poorest neighborhoods. 94 more words


Lady of the Keep raises her credit score!

I have been so excited to tell you that my credit score went up 52 points!!!  That was a huge move from FAIR to GOOD. I use and like  543 more words

Is debt the solution?

‘A loan will solve your money problems’

‘A drink will solve your anxiety and stress’

‘An affair will solve your dissatisfaction’

Problems are marketed as solutions every day, just watch TV ads tonight… 43 more words


Millennials & Money

Achieving financial security before your 30’s

Diverse, tech-savvy and easily distracted are some ways to describe a Millennial, someone born between 1980 and around 2000. This generation experienced 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings. 477 more words