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#520 - Why You Forgot to Pay Your Credit Card Bill

Y’see, there was this thing.  A big thing.  I can’t really describe this thing but it was big, I can promise you that.  Anyways, this thing came up and it was all like “Waaah, looks at me, yo!”  So I looked at it and was all “Waaah, looks at that, yo!” and everything just went crazy. 

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To answer the question in the headline–money exists as much as anything else that is completely made up out of nothing…

Indeed, check out the above video from Time Magazine’s website.  1,315 more words

Debt Slavery

Poor On Sale

We live in a world of barter and trade.

Selling souls of the future to survive today.

Gave away hopes and dreams for American Pie. 112 more words


Small Business Administration Disaster Home Loans

Despite its name, the U.S. Small Business Administration actually makes most of its low interest disaster loans to homeowners and renters.

The first step is to get registered with FEMA, since they coordinate the program. 91 more words

Cozby & Company

Cars and the Frugal Life

As I mentioned early on, I am trying to ride my bicycle more and utilize MAX, the new public transportation system that I can ride for free as a CSU employee.   1,302 more words


Something has made me stupidly happy today...

This is me, on my way to the bin, with a handful of chopped up (and cancelled) credit card. I’m down to one card now, which I will be keeping but locked in the filing cabinet that only has one key (and Mr AF has it on his keys). 145 more words