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Fix for exporting values in template columns to Excel for Telerik Radgrid

While exporting to excel for Telerik Radgird we always come up with the problem that values in template columns won’t get uploaded to excel.

I have googled for the same and got different answers. 171 more words


Trace and Debug writes, how to get them to work?

Trace and Debug  are friends to developers working on services such as Win32, WCF, Web or any software that is sensitive to timeouts, or even for cases where break point is not worth but a checkpoint is necessary.   547 more words


The Immediate Window

The Immediate Window is a really useful debug too while writing and testing your code. Here are some of me favourite uses. 165 more words


Competition: Win Debug on Blu-ray!

In our final Shocktober competition, we’re giving you the chance to win a Blu-ray of Debug, available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms from Monday November 3rd. 162 more words


Tracking undisposed objects

Every so often I come across a crash or a hang in my project or unit test that is caused by missing dispose calls. This is especially true if a managed object holds references to COM objects and even more so if it’s not thread-safe. 265 more words


How do I analyze and debug core files on AIX.

Sometimes, applications stop working and crash for any reason. A core file appears in scene.

First, we’re going  to set a PATH for all cores files on the system  using syscorepath command. 383 more words


Configuring the UART for debugging Stellaris/Tiva launchpads

Both the Stellaris and TIVA launchpads have in-built USB VCP connections which can be used for debugging purposes. When the boards were connected to the PC we can see the COM ports appearing n the Device Manager. 263 more words

LM4F120 LaunchPad