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Playtime with Junos Part 20: RIP - Versions and Updates

Final post on RIP is ahead of us. I will cover RIP updates and RIPv1 vs. RIPv2 interaction.

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Assertions vs UnitTest Assertions


I recently found out that there are two types of assertions we can use: there is the popular unit test Assert and then there is the “normal” Assert which is used in debug/production code. 850 more words


cisco router cheat

Miscellaneous Commands

Router(config-line)# logging synchronous
  • Used when debugging and simultaneously trying to type commands.
  • The command appears in full, even if router outputs to console.
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gdb: Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap

When debugging an iPad app, gdb shows  “Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap” after hitting the breakpoint. And any step command like ni does not work any more. 87 more words


Masalah dengan PHP: First Thing First

Sedikit catatan apa yang musti dikerjain kalo ada masalah dg PHP.

  1. Biasakan untuk menghilangkan (bukan menyembunyikannya) pesan error apapun levelnya meski itu sekedar notice. Analoginya adalah sebaiknya membuang sampah pada tempatnya atau menaruhnya di tempat terbuka sehingga orang bisa dng mudah membersihkan ketimbang menyembunyikan sampah ke tempat yg sulit dijangkau sehingga sulit dibersihkan.
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How to access Core Data content on iOS device

Working with Core Data is sometimes painful because you can not read the content of your stored data. I found a remote debugger tool for your iOS development process called ‘Pony Debugger’. 153 more words

Mobile Platform

Expose settings or options in your debug build of Android application

Sometimes we need to expose a few options for the debug version of our application which we do not want to release into the wild. 127 more words