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Pentagon De-Bug


November 25

De-bugged the pentagon in this game. I adjusted the number which the cat glided to so the pentagon was even. This was easy to do. 8 more words


Debug mobile apps like a pro (part 1)

Debugging mobile apps can be tricky. Especially when debugging production apps. One of our team’s most powerful tools is Charles Proxy. It is used by QA, Developers and even by other non R&D teams. 298 more words

Jadyn Wong Is Just Wonderful

Jadyn Wong is gorgeous and talented to get some idea how talented you could sit and think for a moment on how many ethnically Asian leads in major network shows there are. 139 more words


calling... for construction toys

Children have an endless imagination. Anything will do for them to play all day long (until we spoil them with technology). Construction toys are perfect for endless entertainment. 194 more words


Working with JavaScript Objects

The next stage of development in JavaScript and JSON is Working with JavaScript Objects. This area covers Debugging JavaScript objects with your browser, Modifying Array objects in JavaScript, Looping through JavaScript objects and Accessing objects in arrays.


Assert macros cause compiling errors.

I’m working on compiling a Objective-C framework that wraps OpenCV, so it can be used with Swift code. ( Project link.) I have it compiling for iOS, and I am adding a target for OS X. 165 more words


Chapter 4: Step Through Your Code

  • the best place to look for newly introduced logic bugs is in the new or changed code;
  • it’s best to test new/changed code by setting a…
  • 214 more words