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Where and why to use Write-Debug

Hello again!

I wanted to write an article on write an article on write-debug for awhile so here it is.

Just to start, you can get more info on the cmdlet here: … 490 more words


Clubkultur als politische Antwort auf die Kunst im digitalen Zeitalter

Geschrieben von Timo


Walter Benjamin, politischer Widerstand und Klubkultur. Die Gemeinsamkeiten dieser drei scheinen im ersten Moment nicht offensichtlich. Dennoch: diese Begrifflichkeit verbindet mehr miteinander, als es bei einer ersten Überlegung zu geben scheint. 1,893 more words


How To : Use JavaScript: Error Handling to Build More Efficient Windows Store Apps

Believe it or not, sometimes app developers write code that doesn’t work. Or the code works but is terribly inefficient and hogs memory. Worse yet, inefficient code results in a poor UX, driving users crazy and compelling them to uninstall the app and leave bad reviews. 4,025 more words

Visual Studio 2013

Azure diagnostics. How to troubleshoot your code.


Visual Studio 2013 includes a lot of great tools to make Azure development painless. But sometimes you need to diagnose, debug or troubleshoot programs installed in the actual Azure envirnoment. 542 more words

Regicide: New Graphics & iPad Support


First things first, demo #2 will be released before the end of August. So congratulations all two of you who were waiting. It’s going to be big: lots of bug fixes, lots of new features, three new large dungeons, and many more. 160 more words


Pointer assignment of an unaligned struct field

Given that

typedef struct {
uint32_t A;
uint8_t B;
uint64_t C;
}__attribute__((packed)) MyStruct; // pack tightly all the bytes inside MyStruct.

MyStruct foo;
uint64_t* p_C = &foo.C; 76 more words


Inspect elements that only appear on hover in Chrome Browser

This post is intended to inspect an element (e.g. tooltip) that only appears when another element is hovered. The element that appears is triggered via jquery .mouseenter() event, so it’s not shown & hidden via CSS. 27 more words