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detecting: malloc(-1) or malloc(0xffffffff)

In Suricata we’re often not printing malloc errors. The reason is that we’re not willing to print such errors based on (attacker controlled) traffic. So often such cases are silently handled. 218 more words


.Net: debugging teeny tiny console apps

I had the world’s simplest console app in C#, and I could not figure out why I could not debug into it. Sure, it was a Release config, but as Any Fule Doth Know, as long as you have the matching .pdb, then you can debug, even in Release. 321 more words

How to capture and analyze HTTP/HTTPS from your smartphone or tablet using Fiddler


In the previous article, I showed you how to capture traffic from WiFi devices. In this article, I will illustrate how to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic using Fiddler. 466 more words

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SimVision Debug Video Series

A collection of Simvision Tutorials by Corey from Cadence.

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Log : methods and types

According to the  Android Developers , Log is a logging class that you can utilize in your code to print out messages to the LogCat… 192 more words


Common Causes of Bad Framerate in Student Environments


Or put another way, without knowing the cause of your framerate issues, you will be stabbing the dark, throwing away heaps of time making “optimisations” which make no significant impact on your framerate. 567 more words


Spring Boot Configurations

Spring Boot allows development of Spring applications with minimum configuration. This is particular useful for developing microservices. This blog post will demonstrate a few things that may help in understanding how Spring Boot does its job of auto configuring a Spring application. 482 more words