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CRM 2011: Is that plugin step firing at all?

Here’s a quick and easy tip from our Microsoft FSE, Daren Turner. Let’s say you have a plugin step and that for some reason you’re not able to determine if it’s actually firing off or not. 101 more words

CRM 2011

Setting Up a Debug Environment for VBA

VBA supports Conditional Compilation. Most often this is used to switch between different methods based on whether the installed version of Office is 32 or 64 bit, but it can also be used to set up a kind of debugging environment. 605 more words


.NET Compiled in Debug? How do you know?

Recently I had a need to find out if the build was in Debug mode. Our build process produced debug code in production, causing all kinds of issues so I went out into the web to find a way of determining if an assembly (or executable) was created in debug.   28 more words


Java errors

I am making a list of java errors that I encountered and solved.

[1] NetBeans project issue:

Can’t find a main class and NetBeans could not find any main class after trying to manually configure one. 157 more words


Debugging in Node.js with Node-Inspector

We have great set of developer tools available for client side debugging. Server side JavaScript debugging becomes very handy with the help of npm package… 357 more words


How to Debug Time Critical Code using an Oscilloscope

From time to time you have to debug time critical code. If you are using interrupts, you are interested in the actual performance on the code. 456 more words

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Debugging php in netbeans

Hi Folks,

here is a way of how to set up Netbeans for debugging on a Mac (OSX Yosemite):

  1. Download Netbeans for html5 and php here…
  2. 140 more words