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Kernel Dynamic Debugging Control

Dynamic debug is designed to allow you to dynamically enable/disable kernel code to obtain additional kernel information.  Currently, if CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG is set, then all pr_debug()/dev_dbg() and print_hex_dump_debug()/print_hex_dump_bytes() calls can be dynamically enabled per-callsite. 115 more words


text-transform: An Unlikely Source of Jank

Here at Pedago, we take a hard look at the performance of our applications so that our users don’t have to experience any troublesome hiccups (or “jank”) that might otherwise sour a sweet learning experience. 294 more words


Debug SharePoint display templates in Google Chrome

In spite of being a Microsoft .NET and SharePoint developer I have no regards for Internet Explorer no matter whatsoever. Google chrome is the best browser in the history of browsers. 220 more words


OWOWOD – One Wire / One Way Output for Debugging the Tinusaur (Part 2)

In my previous post “OWOWOD – One Wire / One Way Output for Debugging the Tinusaur (Part 1)” I wrote how to get a proper reference signal from a serial communication using USB-to-Serial TTL converter. 440 more words


CordovaStabilizer - Chromium Android WebView Issue 3

When I run Chromium WebView, there was a crash in the Android4.0.2 device. And andother crash was in the Android4.4.2 emulator. Today, I Found these two crashes are different. 830 more words


OWOWOD - One Wire / One Way Output for Debugging the Tinusaur (Part 1)

I always wanted to be able to write something like this in my code

 debugging_print("working, x=%i", x); 

… have that running on the micro-controller and see the… 565 more words


5 Day Spot on Hey, Scripting Guy! Talking Script Troubleshooting

I have a 5 day spot on Hey, Scripting Guy! this week (1-5 Dec) talking about troubleshooting scripts using some built-in cmdlets and using the PowerShell debugger. 102 more words