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Using Data Feeds for Debugging

When I wrote about debugging mobile apps some time ago I mentioned that one way to get data out of SiteCatalyst Adobe Analytics for troubleshooting is the so-called “Data Feeds” — flat files of raw data delivered by FTP, containing one line per every hit sent. 2,563 more words


View the raw sql created by Doctrine

For debugging you might want to see the final native query constructed by doctrine

$raw_sql = $query->getSQL();

the raw_sql variable would contain the sql constructed from entity objecs.


A few tips to debug faster

1. Divide the log handler to handle INFO, DEBUG1, DEBUG2, ERROR messages.

2. For each task/function, display the name and time of the task/function as a DEBUG2 message. 307 more words

Did You Know ...

AIF - How to get a better error message and stack trace for a failed document?

How many times when working with AIF you got an error and have no idea what caused the issue. The document fails for many reasons and what you get is a very generic error message. 121 more words


SD Card Debugging and Testing

On Wednesday we met at Villanova University:

Thursday, Josh and I met in Ardmore. We figured out the bug in the code and I uploaded a pull request on GitHub with the description: 131 more words


Who coined the word "de-bugging"?

So the word, which is widely used by almost ALL computer scientists, was coined decades ago. The story goes a little like this:

During the era where the Mark I was the official computing device of the US Military, there came a day where the system experienced a crash. 68 more words