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Azure diagnostics. How to troubleshoot your code.


Visual Studio 2013 includes a lot of great tools to make Azure development painless. But sometimes you need to diagnose, debug or troubleshoot programs installed in the actual Azure envirnoment. 542 more words

Regicide: New Graphics & iPad Support


First things first, demo #2 will be released before the end of August. So congratulations all two of you who were waiting. It’s going to be big: lots of bug fixes, lots of new features, three new large dungeons, and many more. 160 more words


Pointer assignment of an unaligned struct field

Given that

typedef struct {
uint32_t A;
uint8_t B;
uint64_t C;
}__attribute__((packed)) MyStruct; // pack tightly all the bytes inside MyStruct.

MyStruct foo;
uint64_t* p_C = &foo.C; 76 more words


Inspect elements that only appear on hover in Chrome Browser

This post is intended to inspect an element (e.g. tooltip) that only appears when another element is hovered. The element that appears is triggered via jquery .mouseenter() event, so it’s not shown & hidden via CSS. 27 more words


Debugging batch jobs

The BlueBEAR cluster at Birmingham provides both logon nodes and a batch job submission system for more intensive jobs. I was faced with a program which ran successfully on a logon node but segfaulted inexplicably when submitted as a job. 225 more words

RPGMaker VX RGSS2 Yanfly Engine Melody Item Menu Problem: Solved!

I’m making a new project using RPG Maker VX using (famous and really awesome) Yanfly Engine Melody recently, but there’s one bug that hasn’t been solved until now – probably because everyone prefers RPGMaker VX Ace but that’s just my opinion. 545 more words


TDD for Analytics, please

Let me throw out an idea here. Given that you are a developer, I hope you can a) appreciate the idea and b) help me develop it into something that works. 816 more words