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Who coined the word "de-bugging"?

So the word, which is widely used by almost ALL computer scientists, was coined decades ago. The story goes a little like this:

During the era where the Mark I was the official computing device of the US Military, there came a day where the system experienced a crash. 68 more words

View query generated in Linq

///Code below:
var result = from x in appEntities
             where x.id = 32
             select x;

var sql = ((System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery)result).ToTraceString();



Cordova - Console API for debugging

One aspect of software development is testing your application.  As a software developer, I have always felt that testing the code that you have written is a large part of a developer’s job.  379 more words


JTAGduino: JTAG connection using Arduino

One of my personal project ideas is JTAGduino: using Arduino as a JTAG adapter. I wrote a couple of posts about it, and today I managed to connect it to a real target. 663 more words


Analysing Mobile Apps - Debugging

This article is part of a mini-series on Mobile App Tracking discussing Overview, Prerequisites, Coding, Debugging (this one) and Analysis of mobile apps. 1,855 more words


Debugging/Dumping Assertions in Verdi

Debugging assertions can be painfully long and exhausting. Well, there’s an easier way to do that using Synopsys Verdi ( coz, I just found out how). 246 more words

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