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Gay Myths: Debunked

How many times have you heard that our sexual orientation is a choice? Or how about this one ladies, we all hate men? Over the years the amount of myths and rumors we hear about our sexual preferences have grown at a staggering rate. 318 more words


Snoped Again

My daughter shot big holes through my blog, Two Moon Day. https://whyirideharleys.wordpress.com/

While it made me feel a little stupid for being so trusting of anything I read on Facebook, I still enjoyed writing the piece. 79 more words

The Debunker Files: The Philadelphia Experiment

Now, don’t lose your shit: this isn’t a creepypasta; it’s an urban legend. Tomato, tomato right? That sounds much better spoken than written. I especially like this story for two reasons: one, it’s set in my hometown, and two, Morey’s Piers in Wildwood made a kickass ride about it. 1,470 more words

The Debunker Files: Abandoned By Disney

Well, here’s the second amazing Debunker Files! Since my family is going on a trip to Disney World in five days, I figured this one would be… 2,687 more words

The SS Watertown’s Haunting Faces

At the end of 1924, an oil tanker called the SS Watertown sailed from California toward the Panama Canal en route to New Orleans and New York. 1,322 more words


The Debunker Files: The Gadianton Canyon Incident

Let me say this right off the bat: I like strange stories. No, check that; I love strange stories. Fake stories, too. Creepypastas; frickin’ love ‘em. 3,160 more words

3 Myths About Quality Body Piercing Jewelry - DEBUNKED

Did you find out about that gentleman who knows somebody who got a piercing and was left forever deformed?

In the event that you did, then now is the ideal time to hear something else. 396 more words