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Weekly Inspiration Post

My inspiration this week is Taylor Swift. I have to admit I like taylor’s music but I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself as a fan. Taylor is an icon to many, she is a true role model and has a heart of gold. 148 more words


Decades Post - The 1980s







Movie Stars:

Jamie Lee Curtis (known for playing a role in Trading Places in 1983)

Madonna (famous singer/model/songwriter/actress/business since the 80s) 6 more words



For one of my closest friend’s birthday, she invited me to Epsom Race course to have a few drinks, make some silly bets and see Madness play live. 281 more words


can you see me from here?

i thought i wanted fame

and i thought i wanted money

but all i ever wanted

was the limelight for my honey


The Birth of Cool: Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1963-1964 Article Response

Selfies or Self-portraits were not as popular back then as they are now. Everywhere you go now there’s somebody taking a selfie. But, back then a selfie meant more and was worth more than it is today because now people take selfies with such facilities it is a joke compared to how it was back then. 400 more words