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Sharing Economy Surprising Success

The sharing economy is based on the idea of decentralized, yet pervasive, networking. Communities regaining the power that was given up to central authorities or even just branding. 78 more words


Solar Beats The Central Power

Solar power was a novelty that was dismissed as a fad. Thousands employed it so they wouldn’t contribute to the worsening fossil fuel pollution.

Solar power advanced until it was a pragmatic solution for inconvenient places like ranches and outposts. 55 more words


Passive Water Production

New technologies are using fewer moving parts, working without much energy, and are independent enough to work almost anywhere. Water for cyclists? Sure. That may be what provides the revenue to make water available in poorer regions where clean water is scarce. 9 more words


The Democratisation of Money.

In SEA’s Developing economies such as Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia & Indonesia banking services have been limited for a long time.  Historically it has been very difficult for financial institutions to efficiently and ‘profitably’ serve customers.   925 more words


The Legal Politics of Money

Digital currencies are a new form of economic organization that exist entirely outside of the reach of the State. This has far-reaching ramification not just for money and capitalism, but for the ideological super-structure of the world today. 2,140 more words


Pessimistic (wrong) solar power price estimates

Solar power has gone from a curiosity, to a rich person’s novelty, to a pragmatic alternative for off-the-grid, to a suburban statement, to an economic challenge to conventional power. 17 more words


Solar Perks Up

Solar energy is renewable, doesn’t require moving parts, and can be de-centralized nicely. Other options are good, but for different reasons and have different implications. Solar is more likely to be immediate, on your house, rather like wind which is probably coming from a massive turbine miles away. 24 more words