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This Is The Future

My first thought when I first laid my eyes on the blockchain in June of 2010. “Wow. This is going to be huge. Not only are governments going to hate this, but it will disrupt the entire banking industries… and I can get some for less than a dollar.” 164 more words


Inside The Decentralized News Network: Reported.ly's New Model For Journalism

Anyone who followed the Arab Spring on Twitter – or any number of vital citizens’ movements, disasters, or other major news stories in the last few years – knows Andy Carvin. 59 more words

Decentralized Dance Party for World Peace

Do you like to Party? Do you want world peace? What if the two could go hand in hand.

Tom And Gary who are also from the future have been working on a project to unify the whole world in an uninhibited party madness. 100 more words

Cryptosigma Explains the Benefits of Bitcoin on Pattaya Mail TV in Thailand.

I was recently lucky enough to be able to give my first Public Talk on Bitcoin called ‘Bitcoin: Banking without the Banks’ and was interviewed afterwards by Paul Stratton from Cable Channel ‘Pattaya Mail TV’.   25 more words


Crypto + IoT + Distrib Computing + Meshnet: #ePlug

From the Nov 28 Press Release:

MUNICH, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 28, 2014 — ken Code announced today a prototype called “ePlug”, a tiny internal circuit board for electrical outlets and light switches. 300 more words


Sharing Economy Surprising Success

The sharing economy is based on the idea of decentralized, yet pervasive, networking. Communities regaining the power that was given up to central authorities or even just branding. 78 more words


Solar Beats The Central Power

Solar power was a novelty that was dismissed as a fad. Thousands employed it so they wouldn’t contribute to the worsening fossil fuel pollution.

Solar power advanced until it was a pragmatic solution for inconvenient places like ranches and outposts. 55 more words