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DGA Syndicate -
A Future with No Pawns & No Kings

This Design can be ordered as a T-Shirt, Poster or Sticker. Just make a donation to the DGA Syndicate


No Pawns, No Kings

More info regarding the DGA Syndicate’s views of the world and visions for the future will be posted soon, as well as information about how you can join and/or help.


In organizations, does decentralization generate experimentation?

Here’s interesting stuff from three economics / business guys — one from Stanford, one from Harvard and one from London School of Economics (the entire thing sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?) — about… 811 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Decentralised dialogues: a materials-free lesson plan

In this post I talk about some problems when using dialogues in the classroom and give you a fun activity to use with your learners. 692 more words

For Teachers

Ethereum Raises $6.4m in First Quarter of Genesis Sale on CoinBrief

The Ethereum project has raised nearly 11,000 Bitcoins — or $6.4 million at the time of writing — to help fund its ambitious project of building a decentralized platform for practically any kind of contract. 36 more words