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How J got under my skin

I met J while we were working in a coffee shop together. I was in a serious relationship at the the time and wasn’t looking to meet anyone. 665 more words

How our sin put Jesus on the Cross 4


Romans 14:23

Thursday, April 17, 2014

When independence becomes a stand-off against God


Thomas Edison: His capacity to ‘think outside the box’ led to a number of significant inventions. 452 more words


It's More Than Just Powder

            Throughout this blog I have been speaking about mainly fashion. It has clearly escaped my mind that there is more to fashion than just clothes. I have brought up the trends such as leggings, boots, and edgier clothing, but I have failed to mention hair, make up, and so on. 240 more words


We used to be friends
We used to be in a circle
I don’t understand
What have I become to you
Take my good word… 22 more words

First Impressions are Almost Always Right


“Who do you think you are to go sending people poison?!” Millie shouted at him as he rubbed his head and grimaced. Millie grabbed a plate this time as she made her way towards him, but Pamela and Arianne, hearing the commotion, entered the dining area and repressed her. 2,345 more words

Of Trees and Treason

In uniform, you stood

Stately, composed

Rising perfectly

From a picky pine floor

Your bark, thick skinned

Never felt the sun

Beating gently in sync… 31 more words


The Opium of the Poor

#COPIED from Olowu Kunle.

When a poor Church member’s son impregnates a poor church member’s daughter before marriage, they are denied church wedding and blessing. They would be ‘spiritually reprimanded’. 115 more words