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Look for an Evergreen Day

Sometimes international days of celebration are not held for any cultural, historical, national or even international reasons. Take December 19th for example. Every December 19 the globe celebrates Look for an Evergreen Day. 243 more words

NIBS December club night

Last club night of the year and for a change I didn’t take anything to work on, just wanted to observe and listen to others at work.  28 more words


Bloody maple and Literati juniper

I have a couple maple projects in the work-I haven’t posted them yet and there’re local species, but I’ve snooping around(looking all shaddy like) local garden centers for a Japanese maple. 223 more words


A -Z of Garden Trees: L is for Liquidambar

Liquidambar is a genus of four species of flowering trees; L. alcalycina; L. formosana; L. orientalis; and L. styraciflua.

Common name:  Common names of all of the species include ‘Sweet Gum’, with additions according to their native regions. 757 more words


Quercus robur

Quercus robur
Common name: English oak
Family name: Fagaceae
Type: deciduous tree

-rounded lobes
-white oak
-sessile leaves (almost no petiole)
-acorns are born on long peduncles… 21 more words


Forsynthia x intermedia 'Lynnwood'

Forsynthia x intermedia ‘Lynnwood’
Common name: forsythia ‘Lynnwood’
Family name: Oleaceae
Type: deciduous shrub

-early spring flowers
-4 petals