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A -Z of Garden Trees: H is for Hamamelis

OK, a bit of a stretch with this entrant, as Hamamelis is more often a shrub rather than a tree, but there don’t seem to be any garden trees with a botanical name beginning with ‘H’ (go on, prove me wrong)! 665 more words


Corylus Avellana - Hazelnut Bonsai

I have three hazelnut trees. They are also called filberts, or nut filberts. I got all three from a former bonsai club member in Vancouver. The biggest is in a grow box. 492 more words


me and my (future) braces

it’s been a long time ever since I updated this blog (just because I forgot my blog password) and I am recently overwhelmed with my job (geez,,who’s not) 592 more words


Tuff Love Lauches the SS14 Collection

The 14th of June was a promising day for Naomi Tuffery and the Tuff Love launch party. The beautiful weather shone down on a packed event which showcased the new ‘Deciduous’ collection. 137 more words

Snowbell Song

Snowbell Song

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Last week the blossoms were just opening on the Snowbell tree, or Styrax japonica.  The bees were humming through the air, the sun was sparkling….it was a glorious day!   351 more words


Who needs winter?

Why do some plants lose their leaves in winter and others don’t? I know the science (sort of). I accept some plants are deciduous and others evergreen, but why? 409 more words

Dawn Redwood Bonsai

I thought I would dedicate a whole post to this beautiful species. I love this tree so much, the soft fern-like foliage is so relaxing and the light green colour contrasts so nicely against the reddish bark. 559 more words