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(Poorly) Explaining My Commitment

…or the Battle of the Colleges through Pros and Cons Lists, but that title turned out to be too long and it made my OCD skyrocket. 1,295 more words


A New World In The Making

“People like to build but they don’t like to maintain the things they have built.” Kurt Vonnegut.

It takes a special kind of person to maintain things. 395 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Post: Totalistic Cults - Coming out

In her book, Cults in America: Programmed for Paradise, Willa Appel lists on page 16/17 the various attributes and characteristics of cults. I wanted to list those listings here: 217 more words


Tips for fighting bad financial habits

Apps that might help nudge you into financial health

Willpowering up. The Web site StickK, co-founded by two Yale University professors, is designed for those times when willpower isn’t enough to achieve your goals. 110 more words

Behavioral Economics

On Indecision and Inaction  

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that the biggest demons I have to face are indecision and inaction. They underlie every single one of my other problems: from the miserable job I work at, to my less than satisfactory personal life, to my frequent bouts of depression. 322 more words

20 Something

Independent Thinking

It has always fascinated me how much power and influence is given to so called “experts”. In the investment community people are always looking for answers. 207 more words

Conscious Justification: Do We Have Free Will or Free Not?

There has been a rigorous debate for the last 2000 years dating back to the Platonic ages pertaining to free will, consciousness and decision-making. Have you ever asked yourself when making decisions, what are the influences of the decisions? 1,154 more words

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