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#CRE is the canvas on which business decisions are painted.

Any given real estate decision is preceded by dozens or hundreds of business decisions.  Real estate is the culmination of those decisions and the implementation of the vision.   242 more words



I have a confession.  I do not love making decisions.  I am pretty easy-going so I generally would rather leave the decision-making to those whose feathers are more easily ruffled.  514 more words


When You’re Not Fond of Worms (and don’t eat frogs)

When your day starts slowly
and other tales of functional differences

©Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

Hey, Early Birds!
You can have MY worms…

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Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

The Day Confusion Applauded!

The Day gave me choices.. i was happy. I had the power to choose. But thoughts didn’t give me clarity. i was confused.

I had to lead a seminar on a topic of my choice at college, announced a week ago.

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Hah! Suspicion Confirmed

A whole raft of scientific studies has concluded that women are better than men at making decisions—especially at times of stress.

Writing in The New York Times… 366 more words


Imposter Syndrome? 3 Questions to Shut Down Your Fear of Being Exposed

“Victoria, I sure hope I’m an “angel’ but I think you meant ‘angle’.”

To most of you, this sentence is benign. You could substitute your name and it wouldn’t trigger any emotions.  742 more words

Comfort Zone

Leadership Word Of The Week...Persnickety

If there has ever been any wonder to the validity of this word, confirmation exists today. According to the dictionary, the meaning of persnickety has powerful implications for leadership. 147 more words

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