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Day 5: Dirty Thirty

The countdown is on…this is my last Friday night as a 20 something. To put this all into perspective, I am sitting in an airport, on my way to Montreal and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing has worked out about this birthday weekend but we are mere hours in. 249 more words

30 Days To Namaste

Rock & A Hard Place

Picking out a shirt, picking out a shirt, picking out a shirt… This should be a really easy thing to do. Go to the closet, find a clean shirt, pick that shirt out to wear. 599 more words

Let's fix it: Decision-making and evaluation

Fixing decision-making and evaluation

Decision making and evaluation within companies is a major source of failure and employee frustration. We should #FixIt !

Read on to find background information on decision-making and evaluation followed by an explanation of how companies can improve their decisions. 1,194 more words


Right of Way

The taxi Driver & Me

The taxi driver asked me: where are you from?

I said: Malaysia.

He then said:  Is that a place where cars have the right of way? 419 more words


You shouldn’t trust yourself

How well do you know yourself? Most times, when folks err and you see the deluge of criticisms that follow afterwards, it makes you wonder how the “criticizers” would act given in the same situation – you never know. 343 more words

Inner Thoughts

The Call to "Self-Help"

When I was younger, my family dynamics were such that I had to take on a little more responsibility than most kids my age.  This continued well into adulthood, whereby I took on more responsibility for the people around me than most of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances seemed to. 526 more words

Diedra Perry

Why We Don't See It

Everything that is going to happen to your business is already in the making, so why don’t you see it?

I recently read a somewhat scientific article on why we fail to seek risk, or opportunity. 353 more words