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Effective Decision-Making

“Our decisions always affect others.” This quote was really impressed in my mind, after I watched the DVD “These Words Must Be on Your Heart.” Though we are free to make some choices and decisions, every choice has an effect – positive or negative - on our life and on the lives of others. 215 more words

Inspired: Living a life at the crossroads

What do we our days is of course what we do with our lives. I used to think that crossroads were a few times in a lifetime experience. 370 more words


Making Wise Decisions

Before I get “blogosphere” throwing bricks at me, I’d like to explain in a few words the reason I’ve been so MIA. I’ve been literally racking my brain cells and use it fully to focus on exams and I’m so happy to finally say that I’m no longer a high-schooler! 602 more words


Friday random ramblings

Keywords post diagnosis appear to be ‘adapt’ and ‘adjust’…..


I’ve always listened to music or had the telly on in the background whenever I’m doing something. 394 more words

Strategies I Find Helpful

On Entrepreneurial Decision Making Under Uncertainty

In a perfect world, decisions would be made under conditions of perfect information and with no uncertainty. At least that is the premise of economic theories about human decision making written using the assumption of the rational economic man (homo economicus). 493 more words

don't think before you act


Yesterday I, had the pleasure of visiting the pit lanes in final race of this year’s Formula One Grand Prix. After walking around in the sun admiring those feats of engineering and dodging a lot of near-obese people taking selfies on the track (one fat dude lay down on the starting line for a pic and needed his whole family to get him up), Jaffrey was hungry. 211 more words