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Are you enthusiastic about predictive shopping?

Shopping Made Psychic

As almost everyone knows, we have entered a period in which companies can predict people’s purchases, often with uncanny accuracy. In the near future, they might even use those predictions to enroll you in special programs in which you receive goods and services, and are asked to pay for them, before you have actually chosen them. 83 more words

Behavioral Economics

Balancing Obsessions

Life balance remains at the top of the charts for Harvard graduates, high school dropouts, and muses everywhere; but what about that mesmerizing romance, compelling career, or captivating hobby? 465 more words


Our mind is a powerful asset. God blessed us with it to help us dream, create and expand, but we must be careful what we let in, and what we allow to influence us. 480 more words


Don't just be a crazy prepper, be a happy one!

Because when you’re operating from the heart, prepping becomes an act of love, not fear. And when you are loving, you spread the joy.

Again, … 20 more words


Self Reflective Questions to Help You Make a Difficult Decision

In life we are faced with many decisions.

Some decisions we frame in our minds to be large, life altering choices.

Life Lessons

Using Geospatial Analysis to Inform Decision Making

Using Geospatial Analysis to Inform Decision Making in Targeting Health Facility-Based Programs: A Guidance Document

Geospatial analysis and geographic information system (GIS) software are useful tools for decision-making. 77 more words


Why have no bankers gone to jail?

At dinner last night, I was talking with my father about my sense that we have had a collapse of trust in the institutions of the western democracies over the last decade.   1,502 more words