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Business Analytics as a Decision Process

A Lighthouse in the Fog: Navigating Stormy Seas Using Business Analytics

The amount of data generated globally doubles every two years. In 2012, the world created a staggering 2.7 zettabytes of data, and this figure is expected to surmount 86 zettabytes by 2022. 431 more words


My first ‘Hello World’ rule

This blog has now moved. This post was originally posted on the Sparkling Logic blog.

Let’s go back to basics and explore how business rules work.   672 more words

Decision Management

The Decision concept and Enterprise Architecture

The decision concept is gaining increasing significance in BPM and Business Analysis literature and practice. The BPM Institute recently added the theme BDM (Business Decision Management), the  899 more words


Learning Business Rules from Data at RuleML-2014

This year RuleML-2014 will be held in Prague on Aug 18-20. For the first time it will include a special track called “Learning Business Rules from Data”.   181 more words

Decision Management

Can a Decision Model Define Uniqueness of Objects inside a Collection?

This question was asked by Antonio Plais – see the LinkedIn discussion. Several practical variations of this question were mentioned: 1) Define if the same product appears more than once in the same sales order; 2) determine the uniqueness of records in a file to be loaded into a Data Warehouse.   896 more words

Decision Management