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Someday is today

When I was a little, I often said, “I wish I were older”, “I wish I could do this and do that”, “ I wish I could be someone who could achieve a certain level of success” and my favorite, “I wish I would wake up tomorrow and things around me would change so I would be appreciated by people around me.”   I spent a lot time daydreaming and wishing things would happen. 411 more words


Algo personal

Hoy me miro un poco el ombligo, redondo como el mundo que me quería comer. Digo quería porque no sé si sea la edad, pero me vuelvo algo remolona. 433 more words

"I'm Not Afraid"

*Warning: This week’s post contains references to explicit lyrics*

“Not Afraid” by Eminem is one of my all time favorite songs. I know that in previous posts we’ve discussed lyrics from artists like… 641 more words

Decisions, Decisions….


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

Nelson Mandela

Choices. This word has been echoing in my head a lot lately. We are making choices every second of the day. 1,198 more words

Happy Saturday, I'm Moving

I’m gonna move to NY. That’s my decision. I was thinking possibly moving to Delray Beach in September, to a different area that is more positive and awesome, as well as cheaper cost of living. 254 more words

A surprising answer

We live in a time where women are becoming more and more independent. To those men that find this subject such a bore, please move on. 554 more words

Putin’s Ukrainian Cost-Benefit “Investment” Decision

Putin’s Ukrainian success with The Crimea, his seeming focus on the rest of The Ukraine and his alleged pursuit of Russia taking over more countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijanis , is likely based on Cost-Benefit “Investment” Decision. 434 more words