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The Soul's Choice of Its Way

To every man there openeth

A Way, and ways, and a way.

And the high soul climbs the high way,

And the low soul gropes the low:

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Directon, how or where???

Many of us are ignorant of what to do?, who they are? Or what they are made for. Talking about “Direction”, it is the path or course of a given movement, when we hear… 350 more words


Decision, decision...

A happy decision is one well made, complete
With nerves, so tight they can almost be felt,
Slowly closing in on the excited heart. Boom, 44 more words

Urgent or Important, what do you do first?

Every morning people make decisions as to what they are going to do with their time, in what activities they will spend the productive hours of our day. 110 more words


Guess What

Salam semua…

Guess what?

Saya dah ambil keputusan untuk join family Nucerity. Selepas je saya balik dari Nucerity Asia Pacific Conference 2014 bertempat di Sunway Pyramid, saya rasa join company ni maybe boleh ubah hidup saya. 135 more words


Bad Agile Project Management Decision-Making – Confirmation Bias

Agile project management is great and working very well … you “want” to think.

However, there are all sorts of indications and evidence to the contrary. 209 more words