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Why we decided on this adventure.....

First of all, we were offered the opportunity through his job. His employer is based just outside Paris.

We have visited Paris many times and, of course, fell in love with the City. 33 more words

Decisions Decisions

An All Nighter

So I thought of something that would be fun. The brass tacks of this situation is that I’m pulling an all nighter. I’m not sleeping, and I’m studying and trying to synthesize a handful of different viewpoints on the international economy and how different political regimes effect economic policy. 2,005 more words

Cleanin' out my closet

Today I learnt a lot of things, as I systematically pulled my life apart, both physically and in my head. The material stuff I packed into bags and boxes, the mental stuff I am still sorting through… 531 more words

Thoughts On A Second Child

I’m not sure why this thought is constantly on my mind, but it is.  I think about it while watching TV, while playing with my daughter, while reading a book… the thought is always there.   703 more words