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How to Find a Primary School in London – Part 2

So, continuing from here. Once you’ve discussed with neighbors, visited schools and your kid is at the right age, you should head on here to apply (a little prayer and fingers crossed help as well). 310 more words


An Air of Indecision

Or rather a profusely stubborn cloud. Occasionally there are times when you cannot make a decision about something, this incidentally is the issue that I struggle with: This is what I want, how I want it and I am NOT going to change. 195 more words

Success Is Not a Straight Line

Years ago, when I was young and considerably more foolish than I am now, I asked a man what his goal in life was.  He told me he wanted to be rich. 305 more words

Life Decisions

"Thus Conscience Does Make Cowards of Us All"

Everybody has some sort of goal or wish or desire, whether it be in sports, relationships, life, etc., yet a lot of people don’t act on them. 327 more words


Fuck your bagels

Bread I ate bread, my roommate made a bagel with prego. I ate it. I didn’t like it. He sucks at cooking in typical American laziness. 204 more words


Our Little Infinite

As I said goodbye to my aunt and grandparents and get in the family mini-ban, I was resolved…determined… strong. It was time. I didn’t knew the outcome back then, I was just certain that no matter what, the key to my freedom was in my hands and I was determined to open the gate and step on my freedom for once and for all, without hesitation. 1,376 more words

On Giving and Receiving Advice in Difficult Situations

When we are faced with difficult situations where we are simply unable to make a decision on our own, we turn to those who know us best for advice, whether it be a friend or family member. 571 more words