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Black and White

One of the benefits and perhaps one of the setbacks of being in school for years and studying human behaviors and personalities is that you see the world being less black and white than you have originally thought. 315 more words


7 Decisions That Determine Success

Unsure where I got these 7 laws from and usually I dont like referring to material that I cannot cite but they are too good not to share! 181 more words

Self Development

The Journey Doesn't Have To Taste Bad.

As many of you know from the past few weeks of “The Journey Doesn’t Have To Taste Bad”, I have an intolerance to Genetically altered grains. 404 more words


Holder: US acknowledges gay marriage in six more states, total now 33 including DC

They can rule all they want to for the gays and lezzies, but there’s one thing they can’t do, and that is force us to accept that abomination as normal.   223 more words



Do we have to be good all the time?

In the  episode of Doctor Who, Inside The Dalek, in Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Time Lord, he asks his companion Clara if he is a good man. 380 more words


The Next Right Thing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about those big steps we take in our lives, and wondering what it is that prepares us to take those steps. 468 more words

The Year I Stopped Pretending

I don’t think I knew who I was until this year.

It is true that character is revealed in hardship. Life throws an impossible, unbearable situation at you, and the only way to survive is to follow your instincts. 488 more words