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Fostering Hope: The Beginning

So I guess this is the beginning of our story. Well, part of our story, a new chapter really. We’ve spent years talking about it, many nights contemplating, leading us to take a step into the unknown. 1,275 more words


The Power of Samson's Curls

However, the hair of head began to grow again after it had been shaven.

(Judges 16:22, New King James Version)

One morning before school, my eight-year-old son put his hand on my shoulder after I finished styling his curly hair.

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Preparing for the Loss of a Pet

No matter what your decisions are regarding the passing of your pet, take the time now to build memories together. This time is precious and will be a source of positive memories. 6 more words

Triggered at doctor's office, panic

Triggered at doctor’s today, it was big one. still coming back down to earth.

Had a good talk with Hubby last night, not feeling angry any more, I think we both recovered from the big fight the other day. 1,202 more words


How much will Obama's amnesty cost taxpayers?

Well Lord Obama has spoken.  Illegal immigrant criminals deserve the right to stay in this country.  But at whose expense?  Ours, the taxpayer, that’s who.  We are now being told that his allowing these 4+ million, with more to follow to stay will cost taxpayers $2 trillion, or roughly $40 billion a year for the next five decades. 545 more words


Diversity in Washington

This post is not about race. This is about diversity in ideas, diversity in thinking, diversity in approach, diversity in problem solving – and how important those diversities are. 829 more words


when something feels off, it probably is.

stuck in a transitional decision
point of referencing a future dilemma caused by
momentary blank stares into what i’d like and what i might get. 19 more words