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Magical Monday 8.25.14

Well i am finally back from Gencon. The trip was a blast like always. With the down sides of both a painful return trip and post travel illness. 511 more words


Modern Times: Updating Gifts

We are living in very Modern times. PTQs for Pro Tour Kahns of Tarkir are in full swing both on Magic Online and across the world in crammed gaming stores and event halls. 3,791 more words


Theme Deck: The Three Trials

However it may prove, one must tread the path that need chooses!

– Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring

With The Three Trials, Fantasy Flight has taken their development of Middle-earth’s lore to a new level, fleshing out the culture and history of the Dunlendings with Tolkien-esque details to create a rich and immersive play experience. 

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Magical Monday 7.28.14

Secrets, we all have them. And odds are you have some in your deck but how guarded are you really? Right now on my kitchen table are 3 decks, both standard and not that i have been playing or working on for a while now. 826 more words


Magical Monday on Tuesday 7.22.14

Sorry for the late post guys, got some junk going on in the real world that needed my attention and just didn’t have the list ready to go. 433 more words