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Slowly Théoden stretched forth his hand. As his fingers took the hilt, it seemed to the watchers that firmness and strength returned to his thin arm.

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Deck: Ride Them Down!

Ever since Hammer-stroke was released, I’ve been wanting to create a deck that makes use of such a unique and powerful effect. Now that The Voice of Isengard has given us such a majestic mount, we have what we need to start to develop out this archetype. 1,044 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG

Understanding Gifts: A Modern Primer

Though the format of Modern has recently been dominated by Birthing Pod combo decks, Blue based control decks, and Splinter Twin strategies I assure you that there are many more interesting decks to play. 3,473 more words


Fight at the Fords

At last, “The Voice of Isengard” has arrived and my heroes have taken up arms against the wild men of Dunland to aid the valiant Rohirrim and escort the sniveling Gríma to Saruman in Isengard!  1,776 more words


Deck: Westfold to the Rescue

At the battle of Pelennor Fields, the Rohirrim charged to the rescue of Gondor. Éomer lead the riders of the Westfold against the main host assaulting Minas Tirith.  1,027 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG

Decks: The Battle of Five Armies

The Battle of Five Armies has always been one of my favorite events in all of Tolkien’s legendarium. Not only does it feature my favorite character (yes, I’m biased), but it also happens to involve one of the more epic finales of any of the battles in the history of Middle-Earth. 808 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG

A Commander’s Journal: Acceptance (Part 4)

As soon as I finished sleeving all the cards in my Ruhan of the Fomori deck, I was excited to try it out with actual players. 1,189 more words

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