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Cheif of Skullhuntering your Face

I feel that there is a super good agro deck out there and i think it plays a lot of warriors. Lets just throw cards at the wall and see what sticks. 223 more words


Pulling The Rugglemaster From Under People

Hello, again all. After some near success on the PTQ circuit I have returned to show off my sweet new standard deck and to go over some of the choices before I play the game days here and write you guys a lovely tournament report. 432 more words

Magic The Gathering

Hearthstone - Featured Deck: Dtwo's Combo Druid

Let’s keep the ball ROLLING! Here is another deck from Dtwo. This time we are going with his combo druid. It had a very nice showing in the qualifiers, though my results weren’t quite the same. 11 more words


Magical Monday 10.14.14

One of the decks that both my kid and I had a lot of fun and/or success with was that tasty little Black/Red Young Pyro Control deck that I wrote about a while back. 255 more words


Honest Magic Update

I am about to be super honest with you all. I am not the most comfortable with this so be gentle.

The core of my standard deck is the following: 327 more words


A few articles (and a little bit of rambling)

Sorry for the quick post, not been the most proactive of late, although computer problems have had a helping hand in that.

Anyway, I just wanted to link some Magic:The Gathering articles I’ve penned elsewhere: 143 more words

Magic: The Gathering