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Deck Tech: Standard Soul

Sometimes a key card from Modern get’s reprinted in Standard and there is a strong urge to recreate the deck in Standard. However, without the rest of the support cards, it’s never really going to be the same. 926 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Deck Tech: Black-White Constellation

This deck may seem gimmicky, but it could prove effective. I’ve already mentioned and toyed with the idea of black white enchantments when I looked at stab wound, so this is really more of a continuation of that idea. 678 more words

Magic: The Gathering

July Gladiator Beast

This Wednesday night there is a box tournament at Guf valley. It will be the last tournament before the new format kicks in. The deck I’ll be playing at this tournament will be Gladiator Beasts (GB). 299 more words

Gladiator Beast

Deck Notes- Melbourne Regional Winner (Noise)

Welcome to the first article @┬áRunning with Scissors. Today I’m going to have a brief look at the tournament winning list from the Melbourne, Australia regionals. 678 more words

Magic 2015 Clash Pack

With the release of M15 comes the new Clash Pack, two pre-constructed sixty-card decks geared towards new players.

Wizards of the Coast produces many products, from Intro decks to Event Decks, and everything in-between. 398 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Grand Prix (Taipei) Trial, 6th July 2014

Golgari Devotion
Main Board
4 Pack Rat
4 Lifebane Zombie
4 Desecration Demon
4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel

4 Thoughtseize
3 Devour Flesh
2 Bile Blight… 141 more words

Black Devotion

GPT-Boston, top 8 decklists, 50 players

GPT Boston went off as planned on Saturday 6/28/14, our largest GPT to date and we’re not even a year old yet! We had 50 people, prize support went to top 16 (8 boxes of it!) 537 more words