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A few articles (and a little bit of rambling)

Sorry for the quick post, not been the most proactive of late, although computer problems have had a helping hand in that.

Anyway, I just wanted to link some Magic:The Gathering articles I’ve penned elsewhere: 143 more words

Magic: The Gathering

The new Geargia?! Superheavy Samurai Deck List, explained

So in my last article I talked about how Superheavy Samurai might as well be a better version of Geargia, because of the amazing power of Superheavy Samurai Ten B-N. 895 more words


Magical Monday 8.11.14

My son is a life gain junky. No really. He would rather gain some amount of life every turn then deal some of damage every turn. 426 more words

Magic The Gathering

Deck Tech: Preeminent Soldiers

I’ve already toyed with the idea of making a deck around Ajani’s Pridemate, but this time I want to look at a deck that works well with the card, but does not make it the one key component. 1,033 more words

Magic: The Gathering

The new Geargia?! Superheavy Samurais

I am quite certain you weren’t expecting Superheavy┬áSamurais as the new Geargia, right? Superheavy Samurai is a theme that debuted in DUAE, but it got it’s best support in NECH with the introduction of… 848 more words


Deck Tech: Standard Soul

Sometimes a key card from Modern get’s reprinted in Standard and there is a strong urge to recreate the deck in Standard. However, without the rest of the support cards, it’s never really going to be the same. 926 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Deck Tech: Black-White Constellation

This deck may seem gimmicky, but it could prove effective. I’ve already mentioned and toyed with the idea of black white enchantments when I looked at stab wound, so this is really more of a continuation of that idea. 678 more words

Magic: The Gathering