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Standard Deck: R/W Heroic

Since I’ve listed by Modern deck,it only makes sense to show you what I’m currently running in Standard. It’s a very cheap deck, with the majority of cards being common, uncommon or rares I’ve picked up via drafts. 1,463 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Spike Brothers Bad End Dragger

Deck List
Starter: Mecha Trainer

Grade 0 (16 – Triggers)
4x Draw (Cheerful Lynx)
8x Critical (4x Sonic Breaker, 4x Silence Joker)
4x Heal (Cheer Girl, Tiara) 1,193 more words

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Modern Deck: R/W Goblins

This is my current deck in Modern, so I figured I’d share the deck list. It’s not the most competitive deck available, but it is based around a deck I ran in standard when it consisted of Innistrad Block, M12 and M13. 1,096 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Ancient Dragons

Deck List
Starter: Ancient Dragon, Baby Rex

Grade 0 (Triggers)
4x Heal (Ancient Dragon, Orinthohealer)
4x Draw (Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo)
8x Critical (Ancient Dragon, Dinodile AND Black Cannon Tiger) 855 more words

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Soulless Oracle Think Tank

Deck List
Starter: Little Witch, LuLu

Grade 0 (Triggers)
4x Heal (Lozenge Magus OR Sphere Magus)
12x Critical (Battle Sister, Ginger AND Oracle Guardian, Nike AND Psychic Bird) 719 more words

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HS Abso ep.3 - Paladin constructed talk

Aired 03/24, here I talk about the Paladin decks I run in constructed play.


Low-cost Mono-White aggro

Finally, I went 3-0 at an FNM before falling in the last round to one of my usual nemeses, the Selesnya beat-down deck, for a 3-1 finish. 721 more words