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Control in the New Modern

Since the biggest cards in Khans of Tarkir for eternal formats are two powerful card-drawing spells, it’s been frustrating to play in a Standard format where blue is underrepresented. 1,305 more words


Defeating Delve

The power of Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time in eternal formats is undeniable. The cards are busted, and unless they get banned they’re here to stay. 918 more words


Hearthstone - Deck Tracker & Overlay

Hello everyone,

A lot of people are curious about one of the things they see in all my Hearthstone videos. The automatic deck list on the right side of the screen which keeps track of which cards are drawn, held in my hand, and are no longer in the deck (and win/loss statistics of the decks which is the main reason I use it). 74 more words


What's Missing for Control?

The new Standard format is over a month old, and control is virtually nonexistent. There are a lot of factors influencing this, but the fact is it’s difficult for a control deck to put together the right set of answers for the dominant decks of the metagame. 1,416 more words


Modern Control After Khans

Khans of Tarkir is already proving that it has the potential to shake up every constructed format, not just Standard. Monastery Swiftspear is joining U/R Delver lists in Modern and Legacy, and the reprint of the Onslaught fetchlands is giving Modern decks of all colors more flexible manabases. 838 more words


Hearthstone - Featured Deck: Tarei's WCA 2014 Miracle Rogue

Hello friends,

For Tarei’s final deck we have his Miracle Rogue. Though I am not usually very good at Miracle Rogues, Tarei’s version seems to do pretty well in the current meta. 11 more words


Hearthstone - Featured Deck: Tarei's WCA 2014 Combo Druid

Happy Friday Everyone!

Lately I have been focusing mostly on Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm hasn’t been that appealing lately. I’d like to put in some time and give you some reviews of the new heroes. 147 more words