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Razda MC Would Give Up Mcing For Love OF House DJing...

Razda Mc has admittedthat if his DJing career took off enough, he would in fact give up MCing, and focus solely on being a house DJ. 482 more words


Rawr Miracle Druid 5.0 Refined

RAWR DECK. I didn’t believe Miracle Druid made a comeback. But then I tried it, and OH BOY was I WRONG. This deck is a monster and it absolutely owns the meta of ZOO AND DEATHRATTLE HUNTER EVERYWHERE. 522 more words


French Bulldog On the Decks

Apparently we’re 4 years late to the best video the world has ever seen. A French Bulldog is mixing and scratching like a full time sick cunt. 11 more words


Shadow Stepper Rogue (Shadow Step all day every day)

GET IT HERE. Probably my favorite rogue decks I’ve ever made. Its so versatile and it abuses Shadowstep so well

Mulligan: Play early game like miracle rogue. 448 more words

Deck Analysis

Miracle Rogue my fav. So many variations (Pirate Edition)

I will first show you the a good standard deck before I show you guys all the other crazy rogue decks I made to show you that I am sane. 347 more words

Deck Analysis

Half Lock - My very own Midrange controllish

Deck is HERE. Like handlock, except taking out twilight drakes and mountain giants that require a huge hand to play. Tapping first 3 turns in an aggro meta is pretty much suicide… 138 more words

Deck Analysis

"Math/Aggro" Warrior 5.0 MY WAY.


This deck has a lot of early game power and aggro power. One of the most devastating combos hands down is the amani berserker + inner rage early. 231 more words

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