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Japan enters the war

Following the outbreak of hostilities, the British Empire requested assistance from Japan under the terms of the Anglo-Japanese alliance. Although the German presence in the Far East was small, the Kaiserliche Marine controlled Micronesia, German New Guinea, and the Chinese strategic port of Tsingtao, where the German traders built a famous brewery in 1903. 90 more words


Our hearts are beating with one impulse

The vicar of Bracknell was, like many of the clergy, on his summer holidays when the war broke out. He wrote home to the parish with his thoughts about the justice of the war and the way it had brought all classes together: 491 more words

Life On The Home Front

Premiering A New, Ongoing Series!

The Flexist will officially begin running a new series that we could not be more excited about; it’s a poetry war! The Poetry War, while unfolding  between two combatting poets, still requires a good deal of reader participation. 150 more words


Selling The Big Lie (1) Propaganda

Propaganda is a weapon of disinformation. We are fed it daily at present, and will be throughout the British government’s centenary commemorations for the First World War.  1,238 more words

Sir Edward Grey

Alarums and excursions for the Church Lads' Brigade

A group of young boys from Newbury found the declaration of war interrupted their annual camping trip. The Church Lads’ Brigade was founded in 1891, and became connected to the brand-new Scouting movement in 1909. 282 more words

Life On The Home Front

Consoling Fantasies

Once war had been declared, the psychological ground rules changed. No matter the regret, no matter the stupidity the lack of principle or the risk, the fact of war altered everything. 1,809 more words