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Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia


A Century of Industrialized Warfare:

Austria-Hungary’s Declaration of War on Serbia

Tuesday 28 July 1914

Three days after Serbia ordered a general mobilization… 546 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

Declaration of War

Frontier is Held By Big Army

Russian Troops Advance, Following Austria’s War Against Servia

Kaiser’s Forces Advance to Border

Hostilities Between the Germans, Austrians and Russians May Break Soon… 136 more words


July 28, 1914

War declared by Austria-Hungary. Servian vessels seized on the Danube.


The National Interest: Jacob Heilbrunn Interviewing Senator Tim Kaine: Reforming the Relationship of Congress & the President When it Comes to use of Military Force

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine

The National Interest: Jacob Heilbrunn Interviewing Senator Tim Kaine

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This might be or might not be common knowledge at least for Americans who live outside of the Washington Beltway and don’t follow American politics and current affairs closely, but the United States hasn’t officially declared war since World War II. 790 more words

United States Congress

May the seas be calm and the winds fair

I couldn’t find this blog’s bow, so I drank the champagne myself. Bon Voyage.

Declaration Of War

Sanctions Can Be Tantamount to a Declaration of War

Economic sanctions issued to prevent war or deter what are regarded as bad regimes often lead to war. Leaders of today should learn their history. In August 1941 the United States of America issued sanctions against Japan. 272 more words

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